These two brothers of Delhi have saved the lives of 1500+ birds, they reach the spot immediately

Amit Jain and Abhishek Jain, two brothers living in Delhi, not only saw and understood the pain of birds, but also dedicated their whole life to the service of these birds and creatures. When we wake up early in the morning, the first thing we hear in our ears is the chirping of birds. It’s always nice to see them fly and jump. Their sweet voice always makes you happy, but have you ever heard, seen, known, understood the pain of these birds? Have you ever seen an injured bird or a sick bird? Even if you have seen it, you must have either ignored it or thought what to do after all?

save the lives of birds

Where do we think there is a facility to save these? But there are two brothers from Delhi, who not only saw and understood the pain of these birds around them, but made it the goal of their life that they now have to dedicate themselves to birds and animals only. These two brothers Amit Jain and Abhishek Jain of Delhi have saved the lives of about 1500 birds so far. He started this work in the year 2018. By the way, Amit is a chemist by profession and Abhishek has a garments shop. But once both the brothers saw that a crow was very high, hanging on the tree. They called the fire brigade and rescued him and took him to the hospital. Just from then on he decided that he would save the birds.

How did the care of injured birds begin?

Talking to The Better India about his campaign to save birds, Abhishek said, “We started this work in the year 2018. Since then we have been working for the welfare of the living beings. We have seen dog lovers, cat lovers, different animal lovers, but very few people pay attention to birds. The reason for this is lack of facilities.

The word dog is used as an abuse

Amit Jain, besides giving treatment to every injured bird, pointed out another problem of birds and told that lakhs of trees are being cut, due to which the houses of these birds are also getting destroyed. Abhishek said, “People forgot to go to the park, forgot to go to nature. People are engaged in mobile, in games, in TV. People use the word dog as an abuse. At the same time, it is said about the cat that if it crosses the path, then it is bad. Negativity has been spread towards living beings. The cat which is considered inauspicious in India, it is auspicious outside India in countries like China, Japan.

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