They promote a bill to make educational practices mandatory in the workplace throughout the country

The bill of the national deputy María Eugenia Vidal, together with deputies from her reference space in education issues, proposes that these practices be mandatory throughout the country, starting in 2022.

During the presentation of the application of compulsory internships in the City, the Head of Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, had ensured that this tool helps “each student to have a clearer horizon of where they would like to build their future.”

compulsory educational practices

The project “Compulsory Educational Practices in the Workplace” reflects 1 of the 10 main proposals that the list of Together for Change of the City of Buenos Aires made during the campaign for the legislative elections.

These practices, in line with Rodriguez Larreta’s announcement, seek to bring boys closer to the world of work and complement academic development with professional practices that contribute to broadening their knowledge to facilitate the process of choosing or future professional orientation and favoring the connection in higher education.

educational practices

Main points of the project : educational practices

  • The Educational Practices regime is created that should be part of the curriculum for students in the last year of the secondary level of the National Educational System of state, private and social management.
  • The Ministry of National Education, through the Federal Council of Education, will establish and / or adapt the necessary provisions so that the different jurisdictions guarantee the incorporation of educational practices in the workplace into the curricular proposal.
  • The Offering Organizations of educational practices may be any organization from the public and private sectors, cooperatives, the third sector and international organizations.
  • It establishes a minimum of one hundred and twenty (120) hours per year, with a weekly workload of up to fifteen (15) hours.

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  • The educational practices will be implemented through a framework agreement that will be the primary responsibility of the jurisdictional authorities and that will be signed by the educational establishment, the offering organization and the student.
  • The practices will be evaluated based on the pedagogical objectives established in the agreements and will be in charge of the tutor designated by the educational establishment in conjunction with the instructor designated by the offering organization, in the terms that the jurisdictions regulate.
  • The facilities where the practices are carried out must meet hygiene and safety conditions, as established in current legislation.
  • Under no circumstances may it replace, substitute or cover a job occupied by a worker with an Educational Practice since they have strictly educational purposes, and not productive.

compulsory educational practices

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