Third wave of corona in Maharashtra in December! The government made preparations for the competition

Mumbai | Corona Third Wave: The cases of corona infection rising again in many states of the country have increased the concerns of the medical department. In such a situation, the fears of the third wave of corona epidemic are also increasing continuously. Maharashtra has also seen an increase in new cases of corona infection. In such a situation, doctors have expressed the possibility of a third wave of corona and said that the third wave of corona epidemic may come in December, but its effect is likely to be less. But people have also been asked to take full precautions.

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No need to panic, need to be careful
Corona Third Wave: Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope has warned about the third wave of corona, saying that the third wave of corona in Maharashtra is expected in December, but there is no need to panic. Rather, caution is required. The Health Minister said that the vaccination rate is high in the state and hence this third wave is expected to be mild.

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Experts also agreed – third wave in December
Experts have also said that the wave comes in its fixed frequency from time to time. The first wave came in September 2020. The second wave came in April 2021, which was the deadliest. Now the third wave is expected to arrive in December.

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The third wave will be mildly effective
The Health Minister said that vaccination has played a major role in preventing the spread of corona virus in the country. In Maharashtra, more than 80 percent people have been vaccinated. The third wave is expected in December, but with the effect of vaccination, the infection will be much milder and the need for ICU and oxygen will be less. In view of the corona cases, the Maharashtra government has completed preparations.

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