This does not condone the dignity of the post of PM.

It would have been better if the Prime Minister had asked the SPG to bring a representative of the protestors to him and talk to him. This would send a good message to the farmers and it would probably be beneficial in the coming elections as well. If you had met the representative of a small group, then the Governor of Meghalaya, Satya Pal Malik, who is running on social media, would have asked your “die a little for me” There would have been some ointment on the statement. modi punjab security breach

What happened with Prime Minister Modi’s convoy in Ferozepur raises many questions. The Supreme Court has also taken cognizance of the incident. The incident will be investigated and it will be known where the mistake happened. But in the meantime, all kinds of analysis have also come on social media. It has many such journalists who have been covering the Home Ministry for a long time. He has good contacts with the higher officials of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Due to the same contact, some journalists have also raised questions related to the functioning of the Special Protection Group ‘SPG’ formed for the security of the Prime Minister. Secondly, many are blaming the Punjab government itself.

Condemning this incident, various political parties have tried to surround the government of Punjab and the central government. All this is happening because no formal information has been given about this incident so far.

Amidst allegations and counter allegations, the Chief Minister of Punjab has given his explanation. In a hurry, the SSP of Ferozepur has been suspended. On the other hand, many types of videos are coming out on social media. In which some people carrying BJP flag are seen raising slogans of ‘Modi Zindabad’ and SPG people are standing silently. Some people even say that when the Prime Minister went to Lahore without any predetermined program, there was no danger to his life, then suddenly farmers came a kilometer ahead in his way in India, how was his life in danger? Due to lack of formal details, the market of speculation is getting heated. In such a situation, even a serious incident becomes a joke. Can’t find information about where the mistake happened.

On the other hand, some such information is also being shared on social media where videos of ‘attack’ on former prime ministers have also come to the fore. Then whether it was the incident of Bhubaneshwar with Indira Gandhi or the attack on Rajghat on Rajiv Gandhi or the incident of shoe being thrown at Manmohan Singh in Ahmedabad. In none of these incidents did any Prime Minister cancel his program. Rather, the commandos posted under his protection showed great agility. After the Ferozepur incident, it is learned from a news agency that the Prime Minister told an official that “Thanks to my CM that I was able to come back alive.” Who this officer is has not been confirmed yet, because such a message was not formally sent by that officer. But after the incident, this sentence started circulating in the media with great priority. This is sending a different kind of message to the general public.

Pm modi security breach

In February 1967, when the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi reached Bhubaneshwar for an election rally, a brick from the furious crowd hit her nose and started bleeding. Indira Gandhi stopped the blood flowing from her nose with her sari and completed her election meeting. In that meeting he told the miscreants, ‘This is not an insult to me but an insult to the country. Because as the Prime Minister, I represent the country. This incident also did not allow change in her election tour and she also went to Calcutta after Bhubaneshwar. She did not make any such statement after the attack on her that ‘I was able to come back alive!’. Rather, as a sensible politician, he described this incident as a ‘minor incident’ and said that this happens at election meetings.

In the Ferozepur incident, there was a peaceful dharna of farmers well ahead of the Prime Minister’s convoy. Prime Minister Modi was sitting in his car and had to stop for about 20 minutes. Neither any of the protesters reached his car nor was there any kind of attack on him. For so long the Prime Minister had to stand on a flyover, the responsibility of this lies with the SPG. Because according to security experts, the responsibility of the security of the Prime Minister rests with the SPG and not any state police. Many vehicles in the Prime Minister’s convoy also run ahead of his car. If the SPG had come to know about the demonstration, then why was the Prime Minister’s car allowed to come forward? Whenever the Prime Minister’s convoy passes through any place in Delhi, the public is stopped for a long time and for a long time. This means the SPG makes sure that no one will come in the way of the Prime Minister’s convoy.

It would have been better if the Prime Minister had asked the SPG to bring a representative of the protestors to him and talk to him. This would send a good message to the farmers and it would probably be beneficial in the coming elections as well. You did not meet the farmers who were protesting for a year. But if you had met the representative of a small group, then your statement of “a little dead for me” by the Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik, which is running on social media, would have got some ointment. But the statement of the Prime Minister of the country like “I came back alive” is not being embraced by anyone. The opposition is calling it a gimmick and a conspiracy to kill the ruling party. These things, such a dispute is not in accordance with the dignity of the office of the Prime Minister.

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