This new covid form of Omicron does double damage to Tiger

-Sulena Majumdar Arora

Due to the increasing panic due to the third wave of the Kovid epidemic, the release dates of most of the new films were postponed and the films which were about to be shot were stopped, and the films whose contours were being made and the films which were only announced, All of them were put on hold. The film industry is getting badly affected. Due to the evil eye of Kovid, the future of big and much-awaited films is in the dark, in such a situation, the release of Tiger Shroff’s multi-crore international mega film ‘Ganpat’ also got sacrificed. The budget of the film is said to be 200 crores.

This film was promoted with loud noise, in this film Tiger learned such amazing art feats from foreign international veteran trainer and gave such high octane action scenes, watching Hollywood movies flooded him, but the film was postponed as soon as the release date was postponed. The rest of the shooting stopped. It is being told that the famous filmmaker Rohit Shetty was also going to announce a dangerous, amazing, incomparable action film about Tiger Shroff, which Tiger was waiting for for years. Rohit Shetty’s number is at the top of Tiger’s favorite film makers and Tiger is very eager and excited to work with him, but with the arrival of the third wave of Kovid, Rohit Shetty has shelved the film, so that the entire team including Tiger. suffered a lot.

2022 was supposed to be an action year for Tiger, but at the beginning of the year, Bollywood has been frozen due to the evil eye of Kovid, Tiger is also worried, now everyone is only praying Omicron and Kovid in every form. If the world gets rid of the statue, then good days of Bollywood will come again.

lay ahead:

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