This Thursday Sedoff will participate in the webinar “artificial intelligence in the United Arab Emirates”

Artificial Intelligence webinar in the United Arab Emirates

Speakers include the head of the Economic, Political and Media Sections of the US Embassy in Buenos Aires, Hussain Ali Alnaqbi; the head of the International Cooperation Section of the UAE Office of Artificial Intelligence Intelligence, Shatha AlHajji; and the UAE Ambassador of the Argentine Republic and Concurrent Ambassador of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, Saeed Abdulla Alqemzi.

webinar Artificial Intelligence in the United Arab Emirates

“For the province, the development of competencies around Artificial Intelligence and the era that it brings has always been a priority and can be evidenced in policies such as the Federal IoT Robotics Program” reports Minister Miguel Sedoff.

Another recent example of advances in the province was the Wakure Series-I, an electric utility and recreational vehicle capable of recording and analyzing in real time the state of charge of the battery, time of use, speed, travel and geopositioning. This single-seater all-terrain vehicle is just one of the achievements of the Hamelbot missionary factory for Sustainable Mobility and Advanced Robotics.

In addition, the more than 20 young people who constitute the first Argentine Factory of Nanosensors IoT, a Technology-Based company with majority participation of the Government of Misiones, with several projects around educational robotics, embedded systems, and solutions stand as an example. around the Covid-19 pandemic and smart cities, all with a sustainable perspective.

This and other case studies will be explored by Sedoff in his presentation with representatives of the State of the Middle East.

Link to participate:

webinar Artificial Intelligence in the United Arab Emirates

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