Tickets of BJP MLAs will be cut less

The Bharatiya Janata Party was about to cut the tickets of half of its MLAs. It is being said that 150 MLAs will not get tickets this time. The same propaganda is being done about the ministers and MLAs who are leaving the party now that their tickets were about to be cut or their families were not to be given tickets. But the result of this stampede has been that as before, BJP will not be able to cut the tickets of MLAs with open arms. It is being told that the candidates are being considered afresh in the new situations.

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in Lucknow 10 BJP leaders met on January and the next day 11 Meeting held in Delhi on Jan., In which Amit Shah also participated. said that 13 The Central Election Committee will meet on January and the first list of candidates will be released. But 11 Swami Prasad Maurya on Jan. 12 On January, Dara Singh Chouhan resigned from the government and the party. s / o, Central election committee meeting postponed. Now 14 or 15 The CEC meeting is likely to be held in January. It is being said that now instead of cutting the ticket of MLAs to reduce the anti-incumbency, change of seat will be considered. BJP leaders do not want more MLAs to leave the party now. Because it will spoil the atmosphere before the election.

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