Tourists will be able to go boating in a pollution-free environment on Dev Deepawali in Kashi

Lucknow. In view of the ever-increasing influx of tourists to Kashi, the government is working on several schemes in Varanasi. Tourists will be able to do boating in Kashi on Dev Deepawali in a pollution free environment. Efforts are on to make Ganga free from pollution in Varanasi. Due to which the boating tourists will not have to face loud noise and toxic fumes and the ghat will also be pollution free. The work of converting diesel engine-powered boats into CNG is going on in full swing in the Ganga. Floating CNG station has been built at Namo Ghat itself. Which will work floating even in the flood. A floating CNG station is also proposed at Ravidas Ghat.

By boating in the Ganges, now you will get rid of the poisonous fumes and the loud sound of the earbud boat. Under the initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and under the direction of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath, the work of converting the boat to CNG is going on at a brisk pace. Suman Kumar Rai, Project Manager, Varanasi Smart City said that so far 371 boats out of 850 that run on diesel and petrol have been converted to CNG. The remaining boat will be converted to CNG till Devdeepavali. The CNG-powered boat is eco-friendly and about 50 percent cost-effective. A CNG filling station has been built on a floating jetty at Namo (window) ghat. Its specialty is that it will not flow even in floods and strong currents, but will adjust itself with the water. A floating CNG station is also proposed at Ravidas Ghat.

CNG based boats travel longer distances at less cost than diesel. A small boat with a diesel or petrol engine costs around 2 to 2.5 lakhs. Once the CNG kit was installed, the sailors would have to return the diesel engine. GAIL India is undertaking this work under the Corporate Social Responsibility Project. The CNG based engine reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 7 to 11 percent as compared to diesel and petrol engines. Pollution also works due to non-release of polluting gases like sulfur dioxide. Vibration caused by the loud noise of a diesel engine. Due to this, it has a bad effect on humans as well as aquatic animals, and the eco system is also bad. CNG is less flammable than diesel, so boats operating on it are less likely to be prone to disasters.

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