Tragic accident in Tamil Nadu! 11 killed in Thanjavur temple due to electrocution during Rath Yatra

Thanjavur (Tamil Nadu). Eleven people, including two children, were killed and several others injured after they were electrocuted during a temple festival in Kalimedu town of Thanjavur district in Tamil Nadu. An electric wire got stuck in the chariot being pulled by the devotees, due to which 11 people including two children got caught in it.

11 killed due to electrocution during Rath Yatra in Tamil Nadu

In Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu, 11 people were electrocuted during a Rath Yatra taken out by a temple. These people had come in contact with a ‘high tension transmission line’. Police said on Wednesday that children were also among the dead. The tragic incident took place near Kalimedu in the early hours of Wednesday when the Rath Yatra of Appar temple was being taken out.

Police engaged in investigation of the case

Police and eyewitnesses said that the chariot was being turned and during this time it came in contact with an electric wire passing from above, due to which the people present in the chariot got electrocuted. Three people injured in the incident have been admitted to Thanjavur Medical College. In the footage aired on TV, the chariot is seen completely damaged by the current.

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