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We are in a complex socio-cultural context, which presents multiple challenges to the educational community regarding the treatment of content related to Comprehensive Sexual Education. The current scenario demands on the part of the teaching staff, non-teaching staff, and families, a continuous updating of Comprehensive Sexual Education according to the levels of the educational system and the Institutional Ideology.

Sexuality is a fundamental dimension of man. Everything we do, the way we relate to others, the way we communicate, the thoughts, the affections, are part of the constitutive dimensions of human sexuality, which is not exhausted in them, but includes the biological, psychological, cultural, ethical, social and spiritual. With these premises, the Antonio Ruiz de Montoya Higher Institute (ISARM) carried out in this school year, Training on “Integral Sexual Educationl ”, aimed at the Continuous Training of teachers at different levels of education.

The Master and Bachelor of Family Guidance Teresita Feyuk speaking in an online class.

In the months of August, September and October, specific courses have been developed for teachers who work at the Initial and Primary levels, with the following denomination: “Comprehensive Sex Education at the Initial Level: Its inclusion in the Institutional Educational Project from a Personalistic Anthropology” and “Comprehensive Sex Education at the Primary Level: Its inclusion in the Institutional Educational Project from a Personalistic Anthropology”, Respectively.

These training proposals have been prepared by an interdisciplinary team; and they had the particularity of distance learning, through a continuous work process in the institutional virtual platform, with asynchronous and synchronous instances. The virtual modality has favored the participation of teachers from different towns in the province, including the province of Corrientes, reaching more than 300 trained teachers, from the Initial and Primary Levels, belonging to educational institutions of private and public management.

Antonio Ruiz de Montoya Higher Institute
The Priest and Master in Biomedical Ethics Ariel Manavella, offered a webinar on “The Challenge of Educating in Love”, to the participants of the ESI Courses.

The imprint of these Trainings is found, on the one hand, in the approach from a perspective that contemplates all the dimensions of the person, and on the other, the assessment of the current regulatory framework, in order to favor the implementation of Comprehensive Sexual Education in the Institutional Educational Project. Taking into account these foundations, the interdisciplinary team managed to present Comprehensive Sexual Education in a coherent, gradual and progressive way, bearing in mind the stages of psychosexual development and the characteristics that children and adolescents present in each evolutionary stage.

Due to the high demand received from educational institutions in the province, ISARM plans to open new cohorts of the same academic offers during the next school year. In addition, for the year 2022 it is planned to add to the existing offers for teachers of the Initial and Primary Levels, the development of a training proposal for those who teach at the Secondary Level. Those interested in participating may obtain more information via email [email protected].

Professors Javier Careaga and Dora Casola

Teachers ESI Courses – Continuous Training – ISARM

Around 250 teachers in the province received their certificates of completion and approval of the Comprehensive Sex Education Courses

On December 16, the delivery was made in the ISARM auditorium room. Present were the Specialist Rector Angela Benitez, the Vice-Rector Professor Javier Zago, the Director of Continuing Education Licentiate María Haydaz, the Spiritual Advisor Presbyter Miguel Ángel Moura, along with the professors who gave the classes and the teachers who chose to be trained in Comprehensive Sexual Education.

Professor Javier Caeaga developing content during a synchronous meeting.

The President of the General Council of Education, Professor Juan Alberto Galarza, the Executive Director of the Provincial Service of Private Education of Missions, Mr. Luis Bogado, and the Episcopal Secretary for Catholic Education of the Diocese of Posadas Professor Luciano Matijas accompanied.

The General Coordinator of the Courses, Elisa Beatriz Olivera, addressed a few words to the graduates on behalf of the coordinating team and the teaching staff. Expressed that “After completing these courses, you managed to deepen your gaze on the Person even more; and within the framework of the Personalist Perspective, which was the anthropological focus of this training, they glimpsed how important the person is, how complex, how many dimensions it comprises; how valuable, unique and unrepeatable it is “, urging to work in the classrooms from this vision.

Teaching team of the ISARM ESI Continuous Training Courses.

Warned, “We know that Comprehensive Sexuality Education requires constant updates, and at the same time it is enriched by experiences, situations of the socio-cultural context and the truth that remains and to which, each time we are getting a little closer”.

For her part, the rector of the Montoya Institute, Specialist Angela Benitez, congratulated those who were trained in the Comprehensive Sex Education Courses, stated that said courses “They are of special importance for ISARM as a training institution, because for many years it has been working on Comprehensive Sexual Education”.

He highlighted the institutions that during this year chose Comprehensive Sex Education as a priority in terms of teacher training and thanked them for having chosen this house of studies for it. He thanked the directors and teachers, the ISARM Continuous Training Directorate for their support in the development of these trainings, which have been carried out entirely online.

comprehensive sexual education
Delivery of diplomas Courses ESI_2021.

“We trust that you -Referring to the participants- They will in turn, within their educational institutions, be promoters of institutional ESI projects. In a context of marked relativism and anthropological reductionism, it is necessary, a priority and urgent, to highlight the true value of Comprehensive Sexual Education that focuses on the integrality of the dimensions of the human person ”. Noted that “Educating human sexuality is helping to display all the dimensions of the person, it is accompanying the process of training the students with respect and delicacy in the search for the good.”

He ended by emphasizing that “The teaching of Comprehensive Sexual Education puts the human person at the center, valuing and respecting life in all its stages.”

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