Trinamool ranks third in Tripura

Mamata Banerjee’s party Trinamool Congress has put a big emphasis in Tripura. His nephew and party leader Abhishek Banerjee has camped there. Apart from him, many veteran leaders of the party have been deployed in Tripura. Election strategist Prashant Kishor’s team has also been working there for months. The result has been that the party has made a base there even in less than six months. But in spite of all the noise, the Trinamool Congress Party came third in the recently held local body elections. The second place was held by CPM. Tripura election

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Keep in mind that the CPM has an old base in the state and its organization is everywhere., While the Trinamool Congress is still gaining ground. however, Urban bodies elections were held in Tripura recently., For which the Trinamool Congress had filed a petition in the Supreme Court as well. in this election 59 The BJP won a big victory with a percentage of votes. Total 334 BJP out of seats 329 But won. CPM in terms of votes 18,13 Ranked second with the percentage of votes, whereas 16,39 Trinamool Congress came third with the percentage of votes. Despite all the weakness of the CPM and all the ruckus and resources of the Trinamool, there was a difference of two per cent votes between the two. Till the next assembly elections, Trinamool will work to bridge this gap.

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