Trisha mesmerizes fans at the age of 38 .. Internet haunting photo

Trisha is a leading actress in Tamil cinema. Although no films have been released on his performance in recent times, he has a place in the minds of the fans that has not gone away till now. His fans are claiming that the reason for this is the success of the films released in his acting.

Trisha starrer ‘Maunam Pesiyade’ was featured in the film. To that extent he became popular with the fans through his unique acting. After that he started acting in many roles.

Gilly, starring Vijay, was a huge hit. I have to say that there are no films without Trisha after that. At that time, only films starring Trisha were released in theaters.



Trisha has been in the film industry for 19 years. Trisha cuts the cake at the shooting site to celebrate. He also posted the photo on his social media page. Fans who saw this are now continuing to congratulate Trisha. GRT Viral Video



Trisha is now 38 years old. But her youth has not changed and she has maintained her beauty till now. Currently Trisha has posted a photo of herself wearing glasses with sari on her social media page. Fans who have seen the photo have been claiming on social media that Trisha is beautiful no matter what she does. The photo released in the new building is going viral on social media.

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