Two women doctors of Nagpur will become each other’s life partner, said- parents understood our sexual orientation

Nagpur | Women Doctors Marry: In the changing world and environment, everything is changing rapidly. Like other countries, same-sex marriage is now becoming common in India. Now two women are going to get married in Nagpur district of Maharashtra. Both these women are doctors and they have decided to adopt each other after careful thought. Now their clarinet is going to sound soon. In a ‘Commitment Ring Ceremony’ only last week, these two female doctors have resolved to spend life together as a couple.

Women Doctors Marry: Many medical experts say that people do not choose their own sexual orientation. It is a natural part of his personality. Giving information about their relationship and marriage, Dr Paromita Mukherjee, a woman who understands each other well, has said that, we call this relationship ‘Lifetime Commitment’ and we are planning our wedding in Goa. .

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Father knew about my sexual orientation
Paromita Mukherjee said that, my father came to know about my sexual orientation since 2013, but my mother was unaware of it. However, when I told my mother about this recently, the mother was shocked, but she accepted it to my delight.

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Many people are forced to live a double life
Surbhi Mitra, the second lady doctor who is in a relationship with Paromita Mukherjee, is also very happy with this relationship. He said that, despite knowing my sexual orientation, my family never objected to it. He said that, I am a psychiatrist and many people have told me to lead a double life because they cannot take a stand for themselves. In such a situation, when I told my parents about this, they recognized my happiness.

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