Two wonderful ghazals of Hasrat Jaipuri

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It was another dull Christmas morning and I was looking for ways to brighten these up.

And before I could find ways to celebrate Christmas, I dialed the number of Kishwer Jaipuri whose whereabouts I did not know and Kishwar spoke to me within minutes and then we kept on talking as if we had known each other for the last hundred years. know more or less.

I can’t give in writing whatever he told me in such a short time without his permission, but I can’t resist talking about him and what he told me about his father, the popular poet and lyricist of Hindi films. What about and who did their best work. He worked with Shailendra and Shankar-Jaikishan, especially for Raj Kapoor’s films.

Kishwar was very emotional about her father, I know she worships, she is the only daughter of Hasrat.

Apart from her story (she has been living in Pakistan since her marriage thirty-five years ago), she told me about the bungalow called “Ghazal” built by her mother in Juhu as a tribute and made to her Made to keep a promise of the husband.

Starting life as a bus conductor, Hasrat went on to become one of the most successful lyricists of his time. Some of the most romantic and light-hearted songs in the 60s, 70s and 80s were written by him for all the leading men of that era, especially Kapoor, Rajendra Kumar, Dharmendra, Jeetendra, Biswajit and many others. He wrote “Ram Teri Ganga Maili” for the last big film and after his colleagues Shailendra, Shankar-Jaikishan and Raj Kapoor left this life, he was a lonely and lost man who spent most of his time at home. Humble apartment in a building called “Kailash” where I had the opportunity to meet him only once, but once was more than enough. He died soon after I met him, but he had one wish before leaving this materialistic world.

He kept on telling his wife that he wanted to go to her bungalow before he died and his wife assured him that he would have her own bungalow.

After that his wife made it her mission to get the bungalow as per her husband’s wish. She had deposited some money from her husband’s poetry and had taken loans from banks and other sources. It took her time, but she finally got the bungalow ready for her poet-husband who couldn’t believe what a miracle his wife had done and when he went to the bungalow of his dreams and decided to call it “Ghazal” Then his tears spilled out. But he could hardly spend any quality time in his bungalow, but he could get the satisfaction of leaving his bungalow for his last journey.

Another great ghazal of Hasrat’s life has been his daughter Kishwar who used to be his inspiration and pillar of strength and support. When Kishwar once told her that she wanted to be a poet like him, she told him, “To become a poet you have to love again and again and that will not happen to you. Deewana Pyaar Ka, Nahin Dekhoon Hoon”. That sentence probably made us lose a poetess named Kishwar Jaipuri who, if given freedom, could have been a greater poet than her father.

I have many other things about Kishwar, but I have just got it, there is still a lot to talk about, then I will tell some more amazing things about Kishwar. Kishwar’s story has only just begun. I want to live to show the end.

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