Two years of Hemant government: Chief Minister told how much Jharkhand changed

Ranchi. Hemant Sarkar will complete 2 years on 29th December. Chief Minister Hemant Soren told about the functioning of his government in the press conference. He said that Jharkhand is walking on the path of development during his tenure of two years. He said that from the year 2014 to 19 there was an atmosphere of fear, unrest and fear in the state, but now there is no such thing and it is all over. He said that the government stands for the last man. Two years of Hemant government

Soren said that many challenges arose as the journey started on 29th December 2019, Kovid-19 knocked in Jharkhand along with the whole country. It was a time of difficulty, it was the most difficult period for the farmer, poor and very middle class, because for the people of rich and high income group it was not very difficult to survive for 8-10 months, but farmers- It was very difficult for the laborers, the state government started the scheme from city to village to give relief to all such families and along with employment, food items and other assistance were provided.

He said that when life was rapidly returning to normal and the government was contemplating to open schools for young children, then due to the sound of the third wave of corona infection, the government has now started preparing to deal with the situation.

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The Chief Minister said that earlier the government used to run from the headquarters in the state, but now the government is being run from the village instead of the headquarters, all the officers, ministers and MLAs are going to the block, district and villages and trying to solve the problems of the people. About 30 to 35 lakh applications were received under Your Right, Your Government, Aapke Dwar programme, out of which 20 to 25 lakh applications have been executed and action is going on on others. He said that the policy made by the state government for tourism, sports and other sectors, its effect would be visible for the coming 30 years.

He said that at present, the state government is opening schools in the block headquarters to provide English medium education to the children on the lines of private schools running in the private sector, 80 schools will be opened in the first phase, while the infrastructure in the model schools will also be increased. are going. He said that in the past, brokers used to eat five-six thousand rupees in the name of getting benefits of pension scheme, but now the state government has decided to give pension to all the needy people, 70 to 75 lakh people will get pension directly in the state. .

Soren said that the work done by the state government for the poor, farmers and laborers during the Corona period proved to be a milestone, the dhoti-sari scheme was also started by the government to cover the body of the poor.

Responding to BJP’s opposition to mob lynching, the Chief Minister said that the government has done the work of enacting a strict law, this law has not been made looking at Hindu-Muslim or Adivasi, but to curb the incidents of any kind of mob lynching. Work has been done to make this law regarding this. BJP is opposing it under a political conspiracy, they are afraid that their political purpose will not be fulfilled due to the enactment of this law. He said that it is difficult to recognize BJP, the people of BJP are very clever and clever, it is difficult to say in what form they will come and work to mislead people, but their pulses are not going to melt in Jharkhand.

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