UCAMI has more than 30 new graduates

There are 29 new doctors and 2 graduates of the Bachelor of Psychology received from UCAMI.

Regarding the brand new health professionals, once the Rotary Internship is finished, the last subject of the Medicine career, where the students pass through the hospitals and Health Centers of the province of Misiones for a period of nine months, where They have the support and guidance of their tutors and acquire the skills and abilities of clinical practice, they must perform the OSCE to obtain the medical degree. There the skills acquired during the race are valued.

This year the students “rotated”, accompanied by teachers, in Iguazú (Level III Hospital), Oberá (Level III Hospital and CAPS), Eldorado (SAMIC Hospital, Dr. Ramón Gardes Hospital and CIC Km. 3), El Soberbio (Hospital Level I), Campo Grande (Level I Hospital), Gobernador Roca (Level I Hospital), Leandro N. Alem (Level III Hospital), San Javier (Level I Hospital), Apóstoles (Level II Hospital), Bernardo de Irigoyen (Hospital Level I), Concepción de la Sierra (Level I Hospital), Garupá (Level II Hospital) and Posadas (Madarigada Hospital, Maternoneonatal, Pediatric Hospital, Dr. Favaloro, CAPS 5, 28 and 32 and also the Boratti Sanatorium and the Missionary Cancer Institute.

On this occasion, on Saturday, December 11, the ECOE was carried out at the Hospital
Aguados School “Dr. Ramón Madariaga ”where 12 students passed, while on Monday, December 13, the Exam was held at UCAMI Headquarters and 17 students passed.

ucami new health professionals
UCAMI graduates

ucami new health professionals
Student taking her final exam

The Objective Structured Clinical Exam is made up of so-called “stations” that simulate a query or situation that the student must resolve, in a predetermined period of time.

The rigor of the Exam is based on the fact that the student is evaluated in 360 ° by a select group of evaluating teachers. Its global performance is observed: doctor-patient relationship, communication skills, biosafety measures, clinical knowledge to reach the diagnosis, indication of complementary studies, treatment, recommendations for the promotion of healthy lifestyles, prevention of prevalent diseases and manual skills.

The demanding exam requires the student to pass all the situations represented to obtain the title of general practitioner.

ucami new health professionals
Student in her final work

ucami new health professionals
UCAMI students in the waiting room of the Madariaga Hospital

The areas evaluated are: General Medicine (primary health care), Medical Clinic, Surgical Clinic, Gynecology, Obstetrics and Pediatrics, with a focus centered on the person and the community.

This type of exam also allows the student to demonstrate their individual ability to solve different situations, following behavior patterns and national work regulations, reducing clinical variability.

Since this year 2021, simulators were added to the Exam (dolls and special pieces) acquired by the University, which allow the care and physical examination to be performed as if it were performed on real patients.

The new medical professionals received from UCAMI are:

BATHROBE María Belén.

BONETTI Bruno Luciano.

CABRERA Analía Verónica.

CÁCERES María Andrea.


FASANO Franco Luis.

FASSA Naiara Antonella.

FERNANDEZ María Belén.

GONZALEZ Aldana Sofía.

OBREGÓN Adriana Belén.

OTERO Rocío del Rosario Temis.



DAPPER Fiorella Milena.

ESCALANTE Benito Javier.

ESPINOZA Romina Leticia.

GAZANO Florence Bethlehem,

HORIANSKI Yamila Gimena.

KOTTWITZ Marcia Isabel.

KRAUSE Victoria.

MENDIETA Ruth Tamara.

MOLINA Julieta Belén.

PERALTA Santino Ezequiel.


ROTELA Karen Magalí.

SCHNELL Natalia Vanessa.


VALLEJOS Wanda Sabrina.

VILLALBA Carlino Gustavo.

ucami new health professionals
New UCAMI health professionals

ucami new health professionals
UCAMI teachers

On the other hand, with excellent presentations, on Friday, December 10, through the Zoom platform, Luana Natahela Arévalo and Micaela Guadalupe Miralles, from the Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at the University, defended their final works.

ucami new health professionals
Defense of the final project of the Bachelor of Psychology

On Friday, December 10 at 3:00 p.m., Luana Natahela Arévalo presented her final work
“Relationship between the virtue of Temperance and Tolerance to frustration in university students from the city of Posadas, Misiones”. The final work was directed by Dr. Sonia Chemisquy and had a jury made up of Dr. Gabriela Renault, Esp. Mónica Serppe, Dr. Sonia Chemisquy and Dr. Valentina Maltaneres.

Then, at 4:30 p.m. Micaela Guadalupe Miralles defended her Final Project entitled “Suicidal ideation in adolescents and its relationship with the perception of parental studies,” also under the direction of Dr. Sonia Chemisquy. In this work, the jury was made up of Lic. Natalia Falcone, Lic. Carla Jaimes, Dra. Sonia Chemisquy and Dra. Valentina Maltaneres.

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