Udit Narayan sang a great song in the musical Muhurta of the film “Premanjali”

The debut film of Sangeet Masoom, son of producer and lyricist Mukesh Kumar Masoom, “Premanjali” was recorded at Yash Raj Studio, 504, a famous studio in Mumbai.

The music of this song is composed by the famous music composer of the film world, Vaishnav Deva! All the songs of the film are written by Mukesh Kumar Masoom himself. On this occasion, Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan Udit Narayan ji praised the song very much and called it a superhit song to come at the end of this year! It is worth mentioning that Udit Narayan ji’s “Tip Tip Barsa Pani… Song is becoming a hit again right now! Uditji blessed the bright future of music and always spoke of all possible cooperation!

Thanking him, Masoom Film Company said that Udit ji refused to take money giving importance to the relationship. His behavior shocked everyone. Kailash Masoom said that Udit Narayan ji refused to take his fees due to old family friendship. This is the greatness of Udit ji. Sangeet Masoom is a promising artist. He learned dance from Saroj Khan ji and did a four-month diploma in acting from Roshan Taneja Acting Academy.

Film producer and lyricist Mukesh Masoom said on this occasion that Udit Narayan ji is the heritage of the country. On this occasion, a demand was made to give Padma Vibhushan award to Udit Narayan ji. Udit Narayan ji has sung such a wonderful song that everyone is praising it. Udit Narayan expressed hope that this song will set new records of success. Famous actress Shireen and Parashuram Yadav also made their presence felt on this occasion. The recorded song “Dil Ka Khuda” features Sandeep Kulkarni’s taunt on the flute. Dharmendra Javada accompanies the violin and Akhtar Ehsan has decorated with mandolin, rabab, guitar etc. The tune is composed by Vaishnav Deva. Recordist Sameer recorded it brilliantly.

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