Umar Riaz’s exit from Big Boss house, Faizan Ansari celebrates by distributing food to poor people

-Sulena Majumdar Arora

Bigg Boss contestant Umar Riaz has recently become evicted from the house. Mumbai-based Faizan Ansari, who had backed his designer friend, Umar Riaz for fraudulently tagging the wrong brand, has finally got justice from the masses of Hindustan.

The audience has recently made Umar Riaz evicted from the house. Somewhere it shows that Faizan Ansari’s appeal for justice is heard by Indians. Faizan Ansari celebrated the happiness of being homeless from Umar Riaz’s house in a very different way. Mumbai has seen this different way for the first time i.e. celebrating victory over cheating by doing a good deed.

Faizan Ansari, thanking the people of the country for supporting the truth, distributed food to the poor, even he proudly hoisted the Indian flag on the streets of Mumbai, thanking India. He also said, “It is not mine or yours, it is the victory of the whole of India. This is the decision of the people of India. The whole of India has stood for truth.”

lay ahead:

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