UNaM confirmed full attendance for the 2022 school year

The Superior Council of the National University of Misiones, in its last ordinary session held on December 20, resolved to establish “the return to full attendance for the 2022 school year, in accordance with the provisions of national regulations and the university system as a whole.”

The resolution that bears the number 157/2021 verbatim that the measure “is due to the fact that, both the epidemiological scenario and the vaccination campaigns, allow that, with the necessary precautions (use of the chinstrap, hand washing, adequate ventilation and use of all open work spaces), the presence is returned for the development of the substantive activities of the UNaM, teaching, research and extension ”.

“The community of Misiones and the region deserves a university campus,” said the dean in dialogue with MOL TV.

Last week the rector of the UNaM, Alicia Bohren, announced the management of the funds for the construction of the Humanities building on the campus and within this framework the updating of all the plans in based on the demands and needs of the faculty ”, in this way the request for funds for the future construction of the building can be made effective.

With the aim of carrying out a transfer in the best possible way in principle, the design projection is that the entire faculty move, with undergraduate and undergraduate careers, departments and non-teaching areas, Spasiuk assured.

“What is scheduled is that postgraduate careers remain running in downtown buildings,” he added.

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