Under the auspices of Mix Pinturerías, the 2021 Track Karting Missionary Championship defied the rain and closed its year

The rains were protagonist during the early hours of Sunday morning in the mission capital, but did not prevent the long-awaited closure of the Missionary Track Karting Championship (FeMAD) 2021, sponsored by the renowned firm Mix Pinturerías, from taking place.

Mix Pinturerías is one of the most important chains in the Argentine Republic in the commercialization of paintings for home, construction and construction, with a wide territorial coverage that includes the province of Misiones, with its splendid store located on Avenida Uruguay 4022 in Posadas.

With the participation of 104 pilots belonging to the different categories, the organization crowned the winners of this edition, among those who were present and received their Mix Pinturerías Trophy:

  • Francisco Morgenstern in School;
  • Maximiliano Hipólito at Promotional Cashiers 2T;
  • Renato Longarzo Skanata in 110cc;
  • Julio Da Silva at 10HP;
  • Santiago Prates in Master 200cc;
  • Alicia Graef in Ladies Cup.

Mix Paintings

While the competitions were won by:

  • Alicia Graef in the Ladies Cup;
  • Julio Da Silva in 10hp;
  • Renato Longarzo Skanata in 110ccc;
  • Nicolás Hettinger at Promotional Cashiers;
  • César Villar in Standard 4T;
  • Santiago Prates in Master 200c;
  • Lautaro Gritti in School.

It all ended with the FeMAD coronation ceremony and the preview of the Caramba musical show on the racetrack grounds.

“We are very happy with how we are finishing the season, we must bear in mind that we started this work a little less than six months ago. This semester we are finishing in the best way “, expressed Javier Esquivel, leader of the Automobile Club Misiones; to which he added:

“Missionary motorsport is ending an excellent year, we had a zone with a record park and now we had a karting also with a record park. We have a little school that is doing very well today with 22 boys enrolled, the boys put a lot of passion into it ”.

From the organization they stated that the deployment of this edition was more than successful, due to the short planning time and the wide call, which they believe as “historic” compared to other cycles.

In this way, the weather conditions were not an impediment for iron lovers to enjoy a unique show in the city of Posadas.

About Mix Pinturerías

Chain MIX Paintings came to Posadas to provide the best service when renovating your house, your spaces or completing your projects.

Located in a strategic area of ​​the city was inaugurated at Av. Uruguay 4022. The modern store has a showroom so that customers can enjoy a unique space dedicated to the selection of color, textures and finishes with the necessary amenities for a unique shopping experience.

Top quality products, and a complete accessories catalog allow an immediate response to consumer requirements.

On MIX Paintings you can find the exclusive collection “Vanguardia” by Tersuave. A range of shades with unique formulas that are achieved by mixing different bases with special inks. The variety of more than 1500 of the Color System is achieved in products such as latex, waterproofing, synthetics, plastic coatings and a reduction of those tones for swimming pools, providing endless alternatives in design and trends.

A team of highly trained professionals in the field provides personalized attention and technical advice before and after sales for each project. On MIX Paintings customers have the possibility of placing their orders in person with exclusive parking, by phone or by mail with free home delivery.

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