Up to 93% reduction of viral load with special disinfection devices

The coronavirus viral load concentration in the atmosphere can be reduced by up to 93% by using disinfectants. This is stated in a study by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, carried out in the framework of the European Urban Health Program, for the disinfection of indoor air.

The review, which started in May 2020 and was as of late finished, was directed by Professor of Environmental and Sanitary Engineering Demosthenes Sarigianis, who in a meeting with APE-MPE said that he has as of now introduced the between time consequences of the review to the Committee of Experts of the Ministry of Health. the Covid. He noticed that “right now a specialized report with the eventual outcomes is being ready, to be shipped off the Commission, to EODY and to the workplace of the Prime Minister”.

The review was directed in Athens and Thessaloniki. It began in the research facility, however, proceeded in the field, in centers, drug stores, homes and in places where there is typically a critical level of spray creation, ie little suspended particles. “With the utilization of air sanitization machines, with the HEPA channels that are exceptionally productive, we can have a decrease of the pathogenic burden that reaches between 54-83%, while with gadgets that do dynamic sterilization with UV radiation inside the gadget, we accomplish much higher cleaning rates, which arrive at 93% in excellent conditions “. We have seen, says Mr. Sarigiannis, that these gadgets function admirably even in extremely challenging conditions, for example, in a dental center, where the crushing system makes an exceptionally huge creation of organic spray.

Indoors we spend 90% of our time

More than 80-90% of our time we spend indoors, so the quality of the air we breathe there, according to the professor, is very important for the quality of our health in the long run. “And this applies not only to infectious agents such as coronavirus or influenza viruses but also in general to bacteria, fungi and microorganisms that grow indoors.”

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To create specifications for MMM

Another very important possibility of application is in MMM, says Mr. Sarigiannis, explaining that these particles have been measured that can be suspended even 3 hours after their release. “Based on the results of our study and the literature in general, we try to create corresponding specifications to be included in the MMM, which we will submit to the OASA in Athens and the OASTH in Thessaloniki respectively. It is an important step forward, as these devices are available in the Greek market, from many companies, so we could very quickly supply buses, metro, trams, something that could make things much easier this winter “. Regarding the question of where else it would be necessary to use these devices to reduce the coronavirus viral load.

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