US to continue talks with India on Ukraine issue: White House

Washington| White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has said that the US is talking to India on the issue of Ukraine and it will also be discussed at the Quad (Quadlateral Security Dialogue) summit to be held in Japan next month.

“We are in ongoing talks with Indian leaders to help the people of Ukraine in the war… be it the sanctions we have imposed or the aid we have provided,” Saki told reporters. We will keep these things in the meeting.

Saki said this in response to a question regarding the Quad Summit to be held in Japan in May and how the Ukraine issue will be raised or discussed in it. The quad includes Australia, India, Japan and the US. The US administration has said that US President Joe Biden will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to Tokyo.

“It’s still weeks before the meeting, so a lot can happen,” Saki said. As you know, other Quad member states are also important partners and supporters in helping Ukraine in its efforts to fight the war.

“Japan, for example, has not only provided a variety of aids, but they have also agreed to divert some LNG resources to help Europe,” he said. He has taken a number of steps which will be discussed further.

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