Uttar Pradesh: BJP killed an ax in the foot, local people adamant on changing the name after PM Modi’s address

Shah Jahan. PM Modi UP Election: After the arrival of Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh, the names of railway stations and places were changed continuously. This is the reason that people have got used to it and now such demand has started rising from different districts. The latest matter is related to the Jalalabad assembly of Shahjahanpur. Here, before the elections, the demand for renaming the Jalalabad assembly as Parshurampuri is rising loudly. People are distributing pamphlets in Jalalabad by getting them printed so that more and more people can join this campaign. Due to this demand of the local people, now the pressure is increasing on the Yogi government along with the administration.

PM Modi UP Election:

Birth place of Lord Parashuram

PM Modi UP Election: It is believed that Jalalabad is the birthplace of Lord Parashurama. This is the reason why people want to change the name of Jalalabad after Lord Parashuram. Because before this the Yogi government has been expert in this work, so the local people of you here have raised this issue just before the elections. The local people have even said that if the name of the place is not changed, they will not vote in the upcoming assembly elections.

very old demand

PM Modi UP Election: Let us tell you that the demand to rename Jalalabad as Parshuram Puri is not new. This demand has been arising for many years. On December 18, when PM Modi addressed a public meeting in Shahjahanpur, he also mentioned Lord Parashuram. After PM Modi’s address, the people here became even more active. It can be said that if this issue becomes bigger before the elections, then it will be a matter of hitting the ax for the BJP.

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