Uttar Pradesh: Mama first gave liquor to uncle, then called nephew and took off the dagger…

Bahraich | UP illicit relation Murder : Illegal relationships always have a painful ending. One such case has come to light from Bahraich in Uttar Pradesh. The Kaliyugi nephew living here, along with his real maternal aunt, killed his maternal uncle. It has been told that this illicit relationship between nephew and maternal uncle was going on for many years. But the deceased uncle was coming between the relationship of these two, after which both together put him to death. Taking quick action, the Bahraich police arrested the accused nephew whose name is Amarjeet and maternal uncle and sent them to jail.

UP illicit relation Murder :

maternal uncle lived in the same village

UP illicit relation Murder : This whole matter is being told of the Risia police station area of ​​Bahraich. The deceased Santosh and his wife, who lived here, lived with small children near them. Santosh’s nephew Amarjeet also lived in the same village. There was an illicit relationship between the two for many years and a year ago both of them had also absconded with each other. But later, after persuading both of them, the police sent them to their respective homes. After 1 year of this incident, Amarjeet and his maternal uncle finally put the maternal uncle to death.

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first alcohol then dagger in the chest

UP illicit relation Murder : In the investigation of the police, both the accused have confessed their crime. The wife of the deceased told that earlier she made her husband drink a lot of alcohol. After this, after calling her lover’s nephew, he did it on her husband several times. Santosh died on the spot due to intoxication. But the children saw all this and started making noise. After which the villagers caught both the accused and handed them over to the police.

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