Uttar Pradesh: Union minister blew up a gas balloon at the inauguration, 4 children scorched due to burst.

Fatehpur. Uttar Pradesh Minister MLA : There was chaos in Fatehpur district of Uttar Pradesh when that program was being concluded during a competition. In fact, the closing ceremony of the Parliament Sports Competition held at the Sports Stadium of the district was organized. On this occasion, district MP and Union Minister Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti started the program by leaving gas-filled balloons. Immediately after releasing the balloons, a child grabbed the string of the balloons and tried to lower them. In this sequence, the balloon burst and 4 school children were badly burnt. The injured children were immediately taken to the hospital where they are being treated.

Uttar Pradesh Minister MLA :

primary school children

Uttar Pradesh Minister MLA : In this painful incident, the children study in primary school from swing and their names are Mahendra, Abhishek, Vivek and Navneet. In this regard, Union Minister Sadhvi Ranjan said that as soon as I left the balloons filled with gas, they went upstairs. But some children grabbed the string of balloons and started pulling them down. After this the children started bursting the balloons when this accident happened. The Union Minister has expressed condolences to the families of the children injured in this incident.

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Medical staff was not present

Uttar Pradesh Minister MLA : The biggest thing that is coming out in this whole incident is that no medical staff was arranged till the closing ceremony of the competition. All the injured children are being treated at the district hospital. Dr Nitin, posted at the Trauma Center, says that the children have been scorched due to the bursting of balloons. However, he has given a sigh of relief that the condition of the child is normal and there has been no major injury.

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