“Variety What Makes India’s Got Talent Different From Other Shows” IGT Judge Manoj Muntashir Shares His Opinion

Sony Entertainment Television’s talent hunt show – India’s Got Talent (IGT) is all set to make a big bang with talent coming from all corners of the country, starting January 15 at 8 PM! In this reality show, super talented contestants from different walks of life will come and show their talent on stage. The latest season of the show will be bigger and better than before, showcasing the different strengths of the contestants. Renowned lyricist, poet and screenwriter Manoj Muntashir is on the panel of judges and he is very excited about the new season. Says Manoj, “It is an achievement to sit in the judge’s chair.” Here are some excerpts from their discussion!

Lyricist Manoj Muntashir

Who,C merit India’s Got Tallent To Balance shows From Separate manufactures Is,

In a word, variety! The variety of all the acts and performances is what sets India’s Got Talent apart from the rest of the reality shows. It is not dependent on any one act or one talent… It is neither a singing show nor a dance show. It is everything and that is all its specialty. From Magic Show to Aerial Act, Contemporary Dance to Classical Dance and many more specialties like Singing, Beat Boxing, the show is a hub of diverse talent, where different types of talent are on the same stage. Will see. So yes, this is what makes India’s Got Talent different from other reality shows.

Manoj Muntashir

Judge Of shape In This Show Of Part be made you How Feel Would Is,

I feel very proud for two reasons. Firstly, India’s Got Talent has always featured the best of the industry’s best talent in the judges’ chair. In this, well-known filmmakers, artists and actors have graced the chair of the judges. So it is a big responsibility to be included in the panel of judges along with Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Kirron Kher ji and Badshah. You need a lot of courage to sit on this chair. Secondly, I am also proud to see that I have been a part of the backstage team for three seasons of this show. I have written seasons 4, 5 and 6 of India’s Got Talent and now I will sit in front of the camera and judge the show. For this I thank my luck. It is a moment that I am certainly proud of.

Manoj Muntashir

This Show Of Tallent To Judge to do Of for Yours What the measure Will happen,

My scale is very simple entertainment. If an act impresses me, entertains me, has the potential to grow and I feel it should be shown to the audience, then there will be a ‘yes’ from my side. So my one word clear answer is ‘Entertainment’.

India’s Got Tallent like Show Of Judge to become How much Difficult or easy Is,

It is definitely very easy and also very difficult! If I talk about difficulty, then the audience will see every performance from the point of view of the judges. So all the judges are a medium between the audience and the performers. Keeping this in mind, we have to judge every act with great responsibility. It is a very difficult task and it is a huge responsibility on our shoulders. So yes, there is a little pressure on us. Speaking of ease, I am well aware of the DNA of the show and have been a part of its creative team for three seasons. I understand very well what makes this show so special. The Indianness of this show is deeply rooted. It attracts performers from many small towns, small towns and sometimes even remote villages of India. So when the audience sees him in this show, he feels connected to him. There is only one thing that makes him different from the general audience and that is his talent. So once you understand its DNA and its morphology, it’s easy to judge.

Manoj Muntashir

Balance Of judges , Shilpa Shetty kundra, Ray Kher And King Of With Ours synergy Of about In Some tell me,

There is a wonderful rapport between us. We all (Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Kirron Kher ji and Badshah) have never come together on a stage like this before, but we don’t feel that way at all. It’s like we’ve been with each other for centuries. There is a kind of comfort between us and the same thing is visible on the screen as well. I don’t want to divulge much into this and leave it to the audience, which is starting from January 15 at 8 pm.

Manoj Muntashir

We social Media Feather Your And Your Associate judges Of between Big Funny Laughter,Joke saw Is. Like this think Is That You set Feather Enough enjoy do Huh. This All How Start Happened,

The comfort level between us is clearly visible on screen as well. There is not a single bit of texture to it and what the viewers have seen on social media so far is very real. We copy each other sometimes and have a lot of fun while shooting. It feels like home to me.

What audience To This Show In Yours poetry listen To will meet,

Yes absolutely! You can’t keep the cat off milk (laughs)! Whenever I get a chance to do this, I will be very happy. The audience will see me reciting my poetry. I have done this in Indian Idol before and it worked, so why not this time?

Manoj Muntashir

This Times judges Of Fresh Panel Is. So You all four In From Whom influenced Doing To all Difficult Work Is And Why,

It is hardest to impress Kiran ji as she has seen a lot of talent in the 9 seasons of the show. Things may be new and fresh for us, but they have seen everything. His test has also changed a lot with time. So in such a situation it is very difficult to please them, because they have to show something which they have not seen before.

India’s Got Tallent Of This season In audience To What Special see To will get,

India’s Got Talent has always been providing its audience with great entertainment and lots of variety. Whatever you saw in the last 8 seasons, it was all great and that is why we are here with the 9th season. This season is going to be different as our hunger to offer something bigger and better has increased manifold. During this time technology has evolved, talent has evolved and they have got huge exposure. Artists have seen a wide variety of talent at the international level. He knows he has to make a mark in a certain way and deliver something on stage that inspires everyone. So I think season 9 will cover everything and I am looking forward to it. I am sure it will be a memorable season.

So Look No forget India’s Got Tallent, 15 January From Each Saturday And Sunday night 8 time, Only Sony Entertainment Television Feather.

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