Venkayya’s courage exemplary

Last week when some Hindu sadhus gave very objectionable speeches, Then I wrote that they were the government and Hindutva, Both are working to tarnish. Our top leaders and Hindutva organizations should strongly condemn him. I am happy that our Vice President Venkaiah Naidu showed courage and gave the right message to the nation. He belongs to Elias Chavara, a Christian saint in Kerala. 150 He was speaking at the death anniversary celebrations. He said that spreading hatred against any religion or sect is Indian culture., It is against tradition and constitution. Everyone has full freedom to follow his own religion. He has canceled the talk of those so-called sages and saints in a very moderate language., Those who had justified the Gandhi-murder and had spoken about the killing of Muslims. He also used very dirty words for Gandhiji. Some devious youths who called themselves Hindutva men had also attacked churches and burnt down the statues of Jesus Christ. Venkayya naidu courage exemplary

Such wicked people are very few in India but due to their misdeeds, India gets a lot of defamation in the world. India starts being compared with countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is true that most of the people of India do not agree with such misdeeds but it is also necessary that they should condemn them. It is totally unfair to divide such maladaptive cases into the lines of BJP and Congress. All political parties of the country should express their opinion against such anti-national and toxic statements. It is a matter of satisfaction that the police has started preliminary action against some of those so called saints but it should not remain a mere sham. As a result of such poisonous statements, rivers of blood start flowing.

This anti-national tendency cannot be ended only through law. For this it is necessary that all religious people inculcate the values ​​of generosity and reasonableness in their children from childhood. If rationality is developed in our citizens, then they will not even touch the hypocrisy and animalism running in the name of religion. Karl Marx said that religion is the opium of the people. If people will be rational then they will also try their best to avoid this opium intoxication.

If people are reasonable as well as liberal, they will not be distracted and angry with the criticism of their religion or scripture or dharmapradhan. India has a very ancient and long tradition of scholars. Gautam buddha, Nowhere in the disagreements of Shankaracharya and Maharishi Dayanand, there is even a trace of ill-will or violence towards anyone.

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