Veteran player Gautam Gambhir’s statement came on the flop performance of IPL and players

Many questions are being raised these days regarding the performance of the Indian cricket team. Veterans are expressing concern about the performance of the Indian team regarding the upcoming ODI World Cup. Many cricketers have demanded that IPL should be banned. Many veterans have also suggested thatThat players should get a chance to play in leagues held in other countries.
At the same time, Gautam Gambhir, who himself was a part of Kolkata Knight Riders and former batsman of the Indian team, has also given his opinion on this matter. According to him, IPL is not the reason for the performance of the players. It is wrong to hold the IPL primarily responsible for the flop performance of the players. He said that the best thing that has happened in Indian cricket in the last few years is IPL. It is only because of IPL that players get a chance to play. This is a great platform for new players. It is capable of giving new direction and flight to cricket career.
He said that Indian players have not been doing well in ICC organized matches for some time now. The player himself is responsible for this. It is not right to blame IPL for the bad performance of the players, rather the players themselves should think about it. He said that due to IPL, many players have found a place in the Indian team today. It has changed the entire face of the Indian team. Apart from this, players have also got platform and financial security from IPL. Over the years, IPL has emerged as such a platform that has increased the love of the players towards cricket.
Gambhir is associated with this team
Gautam Gambhir is playing the role of mentor of Lucknow Supergiants in the current IPL. This team seems to be a very strong team in the IPL as the team has already qualified for the playoffs.It is believed that the pair of KL Rahul and Gautam Gambhir will together strengthen the team. This team is also considered a strong contender to win the IPL.

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