Waiting for the anointing of the people

“Speak the truth?

I am shocked by ‘Achhe Din’,

I gasped badly

Let me slow down a bit first,

I’ll think again

may i say-

‘Happy year’?

otherwise all of them

Happy as ever!”

You can call it my poetry undertaking or tell me immersed in deep nostalgia. You curse me like myself for not being optimistic in any case or pass a censure motion against me for the flowers that have dried up on the branches of my rosemary. But just because at midnight, when the two hands of the clock embraced and 2022 was born, there would be no ritual for this newborn to sing Sohar in a shrill voice from me.

I feel pity for those poor people whose waists have been creaking since last night in the welcome of the new year and who have been clapping and clapping on the balcony of their homes since morning. Seven and a half years of ideological-socio-cultural subjugation has not left him even worthy to shake his head even in disagreement. Fiercely falling down the steps of poverty for five years and the real-fake virus-sword hanging on his life for two years has made him so numb that he has become a mere cripple.

But if everyone gets rattled the way they want, then what will we do even after welcoming 2022? 2022 has come on its own. What is your contribution in getting it? The components of your Havan material will be reviewed after 365 days, when you will again dance and sing in your ceremonial tent like today, to celebrate the cause of 2023. But those who remained hand-in-hand in 2017, who remained haughty in 2018, who did not come out of their homes to change the situation in 2019, who in the evening of 2020, despite the sly government’s attitude towards lakhs of distressed migrants Those who remained entangled and who could not stand even after seeing Papanashini become a corpse in 2021; I should start belly-dancing by mixing with their rhythm, I am not even that much cheeky.

Yesterday, as the dawn broke on the last day of last year, I saw a tweet-comment issued by the Government of India. In this, 37 such pictures of the Prime Minister were shown, which in the eyes of the government were ‘those special moments’ of 2021, which ‘bring smiles on the faces of crores of countrymen’. I tried my best to bring a smile to my face after this, but every time my lips turned slanted. I went through thirty-seven pictures very carefully for thirty-seven times, freely allowed the shades of Narendra Bhai Modi’s face to bewitch my mind and tried my best to enjoy his dress impartially. But behind this noise of official laughter, I could always hear anonymous sobs.

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I do not speak of those who have hung their ears on the peg of Raisina. I do not speak of those who have laid their eyes on the threshold of Raisina. I do not speak of those who have kept their tongues in Raisina’s safe. I speak of those whose conscience still remains. The sound of crying coming from under the layers of the earth is not allowing them to sleep through the night. With what mouth should all such people sing the welcome anthem of 2022? They have to sing the song of the conduct of the new year, not to welcome the new year. They have to take a pledge with the first ray of the sun of the new year that when they leave 2022, they will leave by raising their heads, not bowing their heads like in 2021.

It will not happen by itself. With the trust of Narendra Bhai Modi and his allies – Surma, this will not happen at all. Will we still not understand that now it will happen on its own? Since 8 pm on November 8, 2016, India is alive because of the spirit of the people of India. In the hearts of one hundred and thirty crore countrymen in whom Narendra Bhai considers himself to be settled, except one percent, the rest are alive in spite of Narendra Bhai. There is no mercy of Narendra Bhai, the integrity of the countrymen is keeping him alive. Not the might of Narendra Bhai, but the spirit of Vasudhaivakuntumbakam of the countrymen is breathing life into him. At all times of trouble, if every person of the entire Indian society had not stood up and supported each other, then the misdeeds of Narendra Bhai would have ruined the children of Mother India.

This inherent strength of our national character is the strength of 2022 as well. Has this collective character started flowing in our arteries since the summer of 2014? Is it because of Bharat-Bhoomi Sangh-Kunbe that ‘Mahamangale Punyabhoome’ is there? Should we leave the responsibility of fulfilling the dream of ‘Param Vaibhav Netumet Swarashtram’ to the Sangh-followers who are carrying the trident of Rustami-Hindutva? Therefore, this year it has to be decided whether we will allow the work of destroying the basic code of conduct of India to go ahead or not? Will our conscientiousness play any role in the death of our constitutional institutions? Riding on a horse of arbitrariness, will we raise our fists in front of a sultan who is whipping?

When someone says ‘Happy New Year’ when the answers to all these questions start growing in the earth. Otherwise why ‘Happy New Year’? Whatever happens, yes. You and I have always been taken out of this happy circle. You are nowhere far and wide in this happy body. So why is Abdullah becoming crazy about Begani’s marriage? In seven years, you could not take out the rabbit of good days from Narendra Bhai’s cap by dancing at Connaught Place. Still, if your hope is still there, then do not think that someone will bow down to this devotion of you. The whole country is blaming you for this.

Since your beloved has decided not to listen, so this echo is not being heard by them. After a while, when the drums and drums reach outside their porch and start ringing, it will be too late to run towards the crossroads. So, it is better that they start handling the satchel from now on by sweeping them. The chariot of time has moved. The sooner his whistling sound is heard by the emperor, it is auspicious for him. Those who think that the days of uprooting the foundations of palaces are gone, for them the days of rubbing their eyes are coming. The consecration of kings has been enough. Now see how the people are anointed! (The writer is the editor of News-views India and a national functionary of the Congress Party.)

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