Watch a piece of Deepika Padukone’s heart amidst the Omicron wave

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Deepika Padukone knows what an outbreak of Covid is. Now that the fear of Omicron is creating panic across the country, Deepika is also remembering the scenes of the first Corona wave when her entire family was affected by Corona. In fact, Deepika had also said how the Kovid wave completely changed her when she and her family came under the grip of Kovid. Deepika also said that when she was diagnosed with Kovid, even after recovering, it took her a few days to return to work because her mind was not working.

Terming this Kovid epidemic period as a difficult period, Deepika said that this epidemic has changed her as a person fundamentally 100 percent. Regarding the first lock down, second lock down and now the third wave, Deepika said, “The first lock down was a completely different feeling for everyone, we all started to understand what has happened in the world, and how. Carry your life forward in this new era of trouble. When the second wave of corona came, that too was a different feeling for me because in that period I and my whole family got corona. And now this third wave is an extension of those problems. The only difference is that now all of us have started learning to deal with this trouble.” Due to which his face was becoming recognizable.” Be it Kovid 19 or the new wave of Omicron, Deepika said, “Kovid in itself is very strange. By whatever name the variant may be changing form, but when the body is battling it, your body and mind feel completely different. As far as I am concerned, when I got covid, it was still fine, but even after recovering, I needed two more months to rest because my mind was not working. Indeed, the period of Kovid was and is difficult for me.

Recently, the specter of Omicron has been engulfing Deepika and Ranveer’s much awaited film ’83’, but now again Deepika’s latest film ‘Ghehraiyaan’ is also facing the evil eye of this variant. Ever since the news came that all the Bollywood stars have been hit by the third wave of Corona, the release dates of the films are being postponed. The preparations for the trailer launch event of Deepika Padukone, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Ananya Panday, Dhairya Karva, starring film ‘Ghehraiyaan’ were being celebrated with fanfare in Alibaug but due to the rising Omicron cases in Maharashtra, it was decided to call it off. Actually, most of the shooting of this film was done in the beautiful idyllic places of Alibaug, due to which this event was decided to be celebrated in Alibaug itself but unfortunately Omicron ruined everything. The entire team, including Deepika, is saddened by this, but Deepika also says that “in this Corona period, everyone’s safety is paramount.” Deepika is deeply associated with this film from the beginning and she wants to do it. She has given the name “A Piece of Your Heart”. The film is based on a complex modern love affair as well as adultery.

Now soon another date will be fixed in which the audience will be shown the trailer of this film through a virtual press conference. Whatever variant of Kovid keeps coming and going, Deepika’s fans are always waiting for her films.

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