Watch Again, Jason Statham’s Action Protects Children Who Are Good at Mathematics in Safe Film

Jason Statham’s heroic action is a spectacle that action movie lovers enjoy. Statham’s heroic action in the film Safe is a spectacle that is worth enjoying.

In the film Safe , Jason Statham played Luke Wright. He is described as an ex-policeman and ex-fighter. His mission this time is to protect a talented boy who is being hunted by the Russian mafia, the Chinese Triads, and the corrupt New York City police.

Long story short, Luke Wright accidentally won a fight which resulted in the fury of the head of the Russian Mafia. As punishment, his men killed Wright’s pregnant wife.

His life became disorganized after his wife and child were murdered. Luke ends up being a tramp.

Meanwhile in China, a child who has extraordinary mathematical abilities, Mei, is kidnapped by a man who works for the Chinese Triad boss, Han Jiao. Han wants to use Mei as a calculator to erase the digital traces of his criminal enterprise.

Mei is taken to New York City and watched over by Gangster Quan Chang. On a mission involving Mei, their vehicle is attacked by the Russian mafia.

Mei is also interrogated by the corrupt Wolf Chief errand police who work for Han. Stressed by her life under scrutiny and pressure, Mei escapes and fate brings her meeting with Luke Wright.

Seeing Mei’s plight, Wright remembered his past self. Moreover, those who chased Mei had also killed his pregnant wife.

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Wright also performs tense actions to save Mei. The adventures of Mei and Luke Wright to fight against the evil power begins.

The film Safe was released on April 27, 2012 ago and directed by Boaz Yakin. Besides starring Jason Statham, the film Safe also stars Chris Sarandon, Robert John Burke, and James Hong.

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