At one time Sun TV aired so many quality serials that it was almost as if the serials were Sun TV. Even today housewives love the Sun TV series.

But now many TV channels are giving importance to serials. So there are a lot of contests going on as to which channel is present in DRP.

There are also cases where serials that are very low in DRP are abruptly stopped in half. Currently a similar situation has come up for the Sun TV serial.

The most popular serial on Sun TV is Maharashtra. Actress Praveena, who is currently playing the character of Sivagami in Raja Rani 2 serial, played the lead role in this serial.

After that he left the serial and came to Vijay TV. Following him, the heroine of the series also left the series. The answer to him is currently starring the famous Sruthika through the Nataswaram serial.

That serial which went well in the beginning is now failing to impress the audience with many glitches. Currently Sun TV has given a warning to that serial. That means within two to three more weeks the Maharashtra serial will have to get at least a 3 rating DRP.

Failure to do so will result in the serial being discontinued soon. Concerned, the serial director is currently trying to add momentum to the serial. It seems that the Maharashtra serial will be stopped soon if there is no such interest in the serial.

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