What does the BJP high command want?

The Prime Minister has started the necessary measures to conduct the elections on time. For the last one month, he is engaged in the election campaign of Uttar Pradesh and is inaugurating and laying foundation stones of various schemes. But does the BJP high command really want that elections should be held on time and elections should be fought in the face of its four chief ministers?, Keep in mind that at this time four states – Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, The BJP has chief ministers in Goa and Manipur. But there is no such face of any Chief Minister in these four states., Who will ensure the victory of the party. The BJP’s lead is definitely being shown in the pre-poll surveys, but it is a very small lead and that is because the command is taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself.

That is why it is being said that it would be better if elections are postponed and elections to these five states along with two states- Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh are held at the end of the year. Attention This year, when the BJP high command sent IAS officer Arvind Sharma to Uttar Pradesh after retiring, there was very strong news that the Chief Minister would be replaced. But the top BJP leaders did not get success in this. Since then there was talk that the election would be postponed. Now the threat of corona virus is in full swing and from above an honorable judge of Allahabad High Court has appealed to the Prime Minister and the Election Commission to postpone the elections. If the Union Health Ministry and other agencies give opinion to the commission, then the election can be postponed. Then the governor will run the government with the help of the center everywhere and the election will be fought on the face and strategy of Modi-Shah and after the election both of them will decide the chief minister. This will also help in creating a narrative of national security in Punjab.

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