What happened to the genome sequencing of each sample?

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had announced that every infected in Delhi would get genome sequencing of the sample. But the reality is that genome sequencing of even five percent of the total infected samples in Delhi is not being done. The day four thousand cases were found in Delhi, On that day the government told that 182 Samples were sent for genome sequencing, of which 152 Confirmed by Omicron. This means that in Delhi 80 More than 1% of the patients are from Omicron. But the number of Omicron patients in Delhi is stuck at 400. think, What did Kejriwal understand and said that genome sequencing of all samples would be done, Did they think that 100-two hundred cases would keep coming to Delhi, they would get their genome sequencing done?, The capacity of genome sequencing in Delhi and Pune labs is very limited. But due to lack of vision or arrogance, the Chief Minister made the announcement and now even five percent of the samples are not able to get the genome sequencing done.

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By the way, the game of Corona figures is going on all over the country. In Delhi with a population of two crores 70 Nearly a thousand tests are being done, In which the infection rate is approaching nine percent but 23 In Uttar Pradesh with a population of crores, around 1.5 lakh tests are being done., Whereas at least the testing should be five lakhs. But since there are elections, the figure cannot be shown as huge. This is where the Punjab government was doing the game. He had stopped testing. As the testing has increased, the cases of corona have increased.

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