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The winter session of Parliament is about to begin and strategy is being made on both sides. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has camped in Delhi for the purpose of uniting the opposition, then the government has called an all-party meeting on Sunday, in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also participate. Before this session of Parliament, the question is, what are the issues with the opposition to surround the government? Which issue will be the most important, on which the opposition will demand a debate? This question is also because the Prime Minister had said in the past that a time should be fixed for a meaningful and good debate in Parliament. There was a lot of discussion on this on social media and the leaders of the opposition also asked whether the Prime Minister would be involved in that debate. Winter session of parliament

There was no answer from the Prime Minister or the government whether he would join the debate or not, but it is expected that it will be discussed in the all-party meeting on Sunday. If the Prime Minister is serious about his idea of ​​fixing a time for a meaningful debate, he will certainly propose it. Although the session of Parliament is meant for meaningful discussion, but now the situation of both the Houses of Parliament has become like this and considering the way the proceedings are going on for the last few years, if there is a meaningful discussion even for a short time, then that too is a very good thing. Will be

Kishan andolan farmer protest

However, there may or may not be a time frame for a meaningful discussion, but there is a month-long session and there will be many occasions when a good debate can take place. But the question is, which issue will be debated? What is the issue with the opposition? The opposition had disrupted the last session of Parliament over the Pegasus spying issue. The disclosure of spying software Pegasus, developed by Israel’s NSO, to spy on citizens of India, politicians, ministers, journalists, officials and even judges was revealed on the day of the start of the monsoon session and the entire session was held to discuss and discuss the issue. The issue of setting up a Joint Parliamentary Committee to investigate was interrupted. But now this issue is over. The Supreme Court has constituted a committee of experts to investigate this and all the leaders of the opposition have welcomed this decision of the Supreme Court by holding a press conference, calling it a victory of justice. I do not know whether justice will be available or not, but now that the opposition has told the Supreme Court’s decision to be a victory of justice, there is no point in raising the issue in Parliament.

The second big issue was about the three controversial agricultural laws, so just before the Parliament session, the Prime Minister announced the withdrawal of all three laws. Now as soon as the session starts, the government will introduce a bill to withdraw the law, which will naturally get the support of all parties and the bill will be passed. During the debate on this bill, the opposition parties can demand a law to guarantee the Minimum Support Price (MSP). But the reality is that the issue of agricultural laws has gone out of the hands of the opposition. There is the issue of MSP, on which the United Kisan Morcha has announced a tractor march to the Parliament. During that time if the farmers are stopped and the police commit atrocities, then the opposition will get an issue in the Parliament session and then it can become a big issue.

Wholesale and retail inflation

Now, if we talk about inflation, then it is an eternal issue of India. There would have been hardly any session of the Indian Parliament since independence, in which the issue of inflation would not have been raised. No government can stop inflation. Yes, the difference is that inflation rises more in some government and increases less in some government. That is why the issue of inflation remains in every government and in every session. In this too, the opposition had the issue of unbridled rising prices of petrol and diesel, which the government tried to control to some extent just before the session. The central government has reduced the excise duty on petrol by Rs 5 and diesel by Rs 10 and has stopped the increase in the prices of both the fuels for the last almost a month, although due to election compulsion. On the one hand, assembly elections are to be held in five states and on the other hand the prices of crude oil in the international market have also started coming down, so it is expected that the price of fuels will not increase till the elections to be held early next year. On the contrary, there is talk of returning the subsidy on LPG.

The opposition definitely has the issue of Rafale, on which something new has been revealed in the past. French media have made public the documents of money being paid to middlemen in India. Sushen Gupta’s name has come as a middleman. But the trouble is that the revelations in France have shown that even during the UPA government led by Manmohan Singh, money was given to this middleman for this deal. After this revelation, the BJP became more aggressive than the Congress. So, raising the issue of Rafale in Parliament is like a double-edged sword for the Congress. However, the Congress may raise the issue as it alleges that Prime Minister Narendra Modi arbitrarily changed the deal by going to France, canceling the previous deal and buying the plane at three times the price. The difficulty is that in this deal of Rs 59 thousand crore, so far only a nominal amount of eight-nine crore rupees has been disclosed to any middleman. This is the reason why it is not clear to whom, how and where the huge amount has been given, despite the substantial apprehension of malpractices in the deal.

That is why it seems that before the winter session of Parliament, the big issues have been resolved in some way or the attempt has been made to solve them. The issue of Pegasus has come out of the hands of the opposition because of the Supreme Court, so the government has tried to resolve the issue of agriculture law and the price of petrol and diesel. The opposition has been creating a ruckus for the last several sessions on the issue of Rafale, so there is nothing new in it. Mamata Banerjee’s party will raise the issue of increasing the jurisdiction of BSF and violence in Tripura, but that too is not a full-fledged issue.

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