What’s next to petrol, diesel and agriculture laws

This month is of retreat for the central government. on November 2 13 of states and union territories 30 The results of the bypolls to the assembly and one Lok Sabha seat were declared on November 2. Since then, the process of retreat of the government started. Earlier the government made a big reduction in the excise duty on petrol and diesel. Rs 5 on petrol and Rs 5 on diesel 10 There was a reduction of Rs. After that the government announced the withdrawal of all three controversial agricultural laws. Now the question is what will happen next, Will the government take some more measures keeping in mind the assembly elections of five states?, Petrol diesel agriculture laws

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According to informed sources, the government can also take a decision on the Minimum Support Price (MSP). The Prime Minister has announced the formation of a committee on this issue. The government can take this initiative to make the farmers happy. It is also being told that the prices of petrol and diesel will be further reduced. The price of crude oil has decreased in the international market. one dollar crude oil price 80 Dollar per barrel has come down. It is believed that the state-owned petroleum companies can reduce the prices a little more. It is also believed that the price of petroleum products will not increase till the elections to be held next year. Apart from this, the Prime Minister’s visits will continue and the state will continue to get new gifts. But the whole focus will be on reducing inflation.

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