When Ratan Tata said in Assam while getting emotional – I dedicate my last years to health

Today was a very special day for Assam. Today Prime Minister Narendra Modi was on a tour of Assam. Meanwhile, the foundation stone of seven cancer hospitals in Assam was laid while six cancer hospitals were also inaugurated. Speaking on this occasion, well-known industrialist Ratan Tata gave an emotional speech. During this, he said that I dedicate my last years to health. He appealed to the people to make Assam a state which is recognized by all and which is recognized by all. Along with this, while giving a speech in English, he also apologized for not being able to speak in Hindi. He said that I will not be able to speak Hindi, so I will speak in English. But what I am saying is directly from my heart. On hearing this, the people present there started clapping.

Ratan Tata, in his stuttering tongue, said that a network of 17 cancer care centers in Assam will provide affordable treatment to all as it (cancer) is not a ‘disease of the rich’. Speaking at the inauguration of seven such centres, Ratan Tata said that due to these institutions, Assam will be recognized as a state providing world class treatment. “Today is a very important day in the history of Assam. High level health care facility for cancer treatment, which was not available till now in the state, has been brought here. Tata said, “Assam can now say that even a small state in India is equipped with world-class cancer treatment facilities.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated seven cancer care centers on the occasion. He also laid the foundation stone of seven more such centers during the program. These centers are being developed by the Assam Cancer Care Foundation, a joint venture between the state government and the Tata Trusts. The other three hospitals under the network will be opened later this year. The foundation stone of the project was laid in June 2018. There is a high prevalence of cancer disease in Assam due to consumption of meat, tobacco and arecanuts baked on wood smoked flame.

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