When the procession did not come, the bride herself reached home, sat there and started protesting…

Bhubaneswar. Strange Marriage Odisha News : A strange case has come to light from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. On the wedding day of a young woman living in Berhampur, the bride got angry when the procession did not reach. After this, the trick that the bride came up with to teach a lesson to the groom and his family is astonishing. When the procession did not come, Pradhan himself reached the groom’s house with his mother and sat on a dharna there. On doing this, a ruckus started in the groom’s house and on seeing the crowd gathered. Knowing the matter serious, someone had informed the police about this. After which the police also reached the spot. The police brought the bride and groom as well as the family members to the police station after persuading them.

Strange Marriage Odisha News :

this is the case

Strange Marriage Odisha News : According to the information, both of them have already got married in the court. This marriage was a love marriage marriage of the bride and groom, so the family members decided to marry according to Hindu customs. For this, both the families had already fixed the date for marriage. Even after this, when the groom did not bring the procession on the wedding day, the bride lost her cool. After this she reached the groom’s house and the commotion started.

इसे भी पढ़ें- कांग्रेस नेतृत्व का दूसरा किताबी पंगा, मनीष तिवारी ने लिखा कि 26/11 के मुंबई हमलों के बाद यूपीए सरकार को निर्णायक कार्रवाई करनी चाहिए थी

The boy’s family is reluctant

Strange Marriage Odisha News : The bride says that both of them had married love marriage, later the family members also accepted it. The bride says that the boys wanted dowry, so they talked about marrying according to Hindu customs. For this also his family agreed, but even after this the groom did not bring the procession. The bride has filed a case against the groom and his family on cheating and dowry related matters.

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