Where is Modi insecure in India?

I don’t care that 1967 In Odisha’s public meeting, a mob threw stones at Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and broke her nose bone and shed blood (then Indira Gandhi did not finish the meeting), She kept on wiping blood and giving speeches) so later she may have told the CM (probably from the Swatantra Party) or her officers at the airport in such a way that ,Saying thanks to my CM that I returned alive till the airport,, Because of that, it is a proven truth from many such incidents that Indira Gandhi had taken the most dangers on her life as Prime Minister. But despite this, he never said any such thing out of fear., didn’t attack like that, Which showed their fear.

Believe it or not, I do not consider Indira Gandhi as a courageous leader only because of Bangladesh’s victory., But I also agree because of Punjab. There were mistakes of Indira Gandhi and Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was born due to the state politics of Congress, but when the water reached the throat, Indira Gandhi not only ordered Blue Star Operation, rather than that campaign 16 Days later she herself went to Amritsar. After going to the Golden Temple, listened to the chanting Kirtan among the Sikh people. Removal of army from chief granthi Giani Sahib Singh and his team, Heard the demands like release of innocent people. Moreover, he did not even remove Sikh bodyguards from personal security.

CIA conspiracy, Worry about revenge in splitting Pakistan, Naxalite-happy way danger, cross-confrontation with opponents (especially in an emergency), Dismissal of opponents’ governments in many states, Despite the Khalistan movement, Indira Gandhi never appeared distraught about the danger to life. so is nehru, There is experience from all the Prime Ministers of India including Shastri to Dr. Manmohan Singh. Rarely has anyone even thought to himself that there is a security lapse or if trapped somewhere, then there is such a dialogue in front of the officers that thanks, I was able to come back alive.

one more thing. November when Morarji Desai was the Prime Minister 1977 His plane crashed in Jorhat during his tour of Assam in the year. Five Air Force personnel were killed. Bhagya Jo Morarji, His son Kantibhai and other officers are all safe. The fearlessness that Morarji had at that time, Encouraging everyone with powerlessness, He reached the village on foot, The fearless spirit is unforgettable among the examples of politicians.

However, the basic thing is that any Prime Minister of India has ever thought, Realized that his life was in danger in such a state. Then why did Narendra Modi feel like this in Punjab?, The answer may be that there is real danger. is that so, Then there is a question in the demand of peace and democracy in the whole country that in which areas Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided to take himself., which classes, In whom would you feel safe?, are those areas, among those who are governed by the BJP, where they have their supporters, Will Narendra Modi be comfortable traveling in all the states where there are governments of opposition parties?, Kerala like Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Odisha, He would have been as comfortable touring states like Bengal as he is walking with Yogi Adityanath in UP., They consider the gathering of opponents and agitators to be a gathering of their own people (Indians) or think that they are not dying for me. These questions and thinking like this are related to the health of the country at the present stage. year 2022 the reality of 140 As crores of people are seen in different sails, so is the government of India., prime minister of India, Not only the concerns and concerns of India’s politics are divided., But to see and understand everyone is also me and you, It’s done in your own way!

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