Who is behind the sound of Baahubali, these artists dubbing Curry Rocky Bhai and Pushpa in Hindi?

South’s films are in discussion everywhere these days. This journey which started from Pushpa has come to KGF 2. All the films are making huge records by earning huge amount. In this, 3 films have become special, including RRR. But have you ever thought that these South stars are unable to speak Hindi, or if they speak, then they are not good enough so that the audience enjoys watching the film and becomes crazy. So the people who are behind this, today we tell you about them, due to which the films of South are becoming super duper hits.

Obviously, listening to the dialogues and voice of the hero in any film is influenced by him. In such a situation, there are some dubbing artists behind the immense success of films in Hindi of many South stars. In these there are also famous names of some Hindi films. Obviously, after the introduction of Hindi dubbing of South Indian films, people of Hindi speaking areas like Bihar-UP also became crazy about these films.

But the Hindi dubbing artist of these films also has a big contribution in making South’s films popular in North. Due to these, South’s films are popular in South as well as across the country. Whom have you been listening to as the voices of Mahesh Babu, Allu Arjun, Ramcharan and Yash? Some of you may even know that the actor himself has not given his voice in these South films. For this the help of dubbing artist was taken, who today made the films super hit across the country.

In this list, we start with the name of the artist who has given his voice to many stars of South. Yes Sanket Mhatre who dubbing not only South but also Hollywood films. He is the most famous dubbing artist of the country. Sanket gives maximum voice to Hindi dubbing films of South. His voice is considered to be the voice of Allu Arjun, Jr NTR and Mahesh Babu. His voice suits Allu Arjun the most. Not only this, Sanket has also lent his voice to many animated films, Sanket has lent his voice to Thalapathy Vijay in the recent film ‘Master’.

  • Sachin Gole After this comes the name of that famous artist whose voice has won the hearts of the whole country at this time. Yes, Sachin Gole who has lent his voice in Rocky Bhai Yash’s film KGF. Not only this, he has decorated many South films with his voice. His voice suits KGF star Yash the most. He has lent his voice to many of Yash’s films. The most talked about in this is KGF, which is making a splash all over the world these days.

  • Vinod Kulkarni Vinod Kulkarni is a big voice over artist. He has lent his voice to many South films. His voice matches well on South Comedian Brahmanandam. People like his voice very much.

  • Sharad Kelkar If it is a matter of dubbing artist and there is no mention of Bahubali, the biggest film in cinema history, how can it happen. Yes, it was Sharad Kelkar who gave Prabhas’s dialogue and voice in Bahubali. Sharad’s strong voice had put life in Prabhas’s king’s look, which he did not realize at all. When this thing was revealed later, people were surprised.

  • Shreyas Talpade The name of this actor and artist cannot be forgotten. Yes, Shreyas has given voice in the film to Pushpa Raj, who made a splash all over the world. I am not a flower. But actually behind this powerful voice and magic was Shreyas Talpade’s voice. Shreyas had dubbed the voice of Allu Arjun in Pushpa, which has climbed on the child’s tongue today.

In such a situation, you can guess that if there is no proper dubbing of South film then will the audience be able to give so much love to the film. Obviously with every film it is the most important and the voice and dialogue play a very important role in the immense success of the film.

Shivam Bangwal

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