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New Delhi. Whatsapp New Feature: From time to time, WhatsApp brings some not-so-features that excite people. Now once again WhatsApp is going to bring a new feature for people to get the best chatting experience. With all the features of WhatsApp, the new year is all set to give a different experience to the people. But in all these features, there is also a feature that can be called next level in many ways. According to the information, after the arrival of this feature in WhatsApp, you will also get information about whether your relative or friend is talking about you or not. You would have never done this kind of new technology before and in any chatting app before.

Whatsapp New Feature:

Exciting new feature

Whatsapp New Feature: The new feature of WhatsApp is exciting in many ways. Now think for yourself that if someone else is talking about you and you get to know about this, then how funny it will be. Till now this can hardly be thought of but WhatsApp has now decided to give a gift to its customers. This is a unique feature in itself, for which you will get a notification that the person concerned is talking about you.

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Some people are saying that privacy is violated

Whatsapp New Feature: Let us tell you that in the last few days, there has been a lot of discussion about WhatsApp privacy. Now in the midst of the discussion of the feature, once again some people have started calling it privacy. People opposing this new feature say that it is like making things public. In such a situation, it has been clearly said in WhatsApp that it will not violate privacy in any way because only a notification will come in it. Will not know who is talking about what.

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