“Who knows that” star Kai Pflaume: This is how he looked at the age of 22

"Who knows something like that" presenter Kai Pflaume delighted his fans with a photo that was taken 32 years ago. Kai looked like a dreamy young Hollywood star back then!

The new season of “Who knows something” starts on October 4th. Before the popular ARD quiz show returns, the broadcaster surprises viewers with an XXL version and prominent candidates: On October 2nd, Sky Du Mont (74) and Kaya Yanar , among others, will appear (48) and Lena Meyer-Landrut (30) will compete against each other at. The moderator is and will of course be Kai Pflaume(54). The TV star shared a photo on Instagram a few days ago showing him 32 years ago, long before he made a career in television. “At that time I was 22 years old. To this day, a lot of dreams have come true that I didn’t even have then,” he wrote. His story and the photo not only inspire his fans, but also friends like Tom Junkersdorf. “You could have gone straight to Hollywood with that look, dear Kai,” he thinks – and we agree with him!

The young Kai would have cut a really good figure in “Beverly Hills, 90210”. In the video above we show you the snapshot!

Oliver Pocher made fun of Kai Pflaume
Kai Pflaume is one of the most famous presenters in Germany. There is probably no one who doesn’t like him. His good mood is contagious! Comedian Oliver Pocher (43) nevertheless found a point of attack and teased his “screen control” in August “: “If someone was on the road in July and really got fit again, it was Kai Pflaume. When this car is on the road, (…) then you know: Midlife-Crisis-Kai is near.

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” The “cool TikTok videos” of his TV colleague are a thorn in the side of the 43-year-old. “He advertises like the young influencers,” said Pocher. These remarks bounced off Kai Pflaume. He can look forward to hundreds of thousands of subscribers on Instagram and TikTok.

They have been married since 1996: In the video below we introduce you to Kai Pflaume’s adorable wife Ilke!

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