Who will decide whether to postpone the election?

Can elections in five states be postponed due to the third wave of corona virus, Who will decide if elections are to be postponed?, According to the constitutional system, the Central Election Commission has to decide about this, but is the commission in a position to postpone the election?, The commission had announced elections to five states earlier this year amid fears of a second wave of the corona virus and conducted elections in March-April when the second wave was at its peak. The last phase of polling was held in West Bengal on the day when four lakh cases were reported in the country. think, Voting was going on the day four lakh cases came., Whereas on an average seven thousand cases are coming every day.

Where in the country there are four lakh cases and where are seven thousand cases! the election commission 24 He was conducting elections after getting four lakh cases in an hour, how will he postpone the election after getting seven thousand cases?, It is said that even the burnt buttermilk of milk is drunk on blows, but will the commission be able to show this approach?, In the first week of March-April, when more than one lakh cases started coming in, all the parties had asked the commission to conduct the Bengal elections in one or two phases, but the commission allowed the campaign to continue for the whole month and also the elections. Get it done by Rahul Gandhi 22 Decided on my own to cancel the rally in April. The commission did not even cancel any rally. Then the Tamil Nadu High Court expressed displeasure and said that why should not the commission be prosecuted for murder. Keep in mind that after the elections, there was a nine-fold increase in the cases of West Bengal. Therefore, it is meaningless to expect that the Commission will show foresight and take a decision based on facts. Yes, If the central government and the ruling party want, then it is a different matter.

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