Why do we need more services like Zomato?

It’s not about laziness!

It’s new year eve and millions of people are ordering food online on Zomato. A cake is getting ordered every single second. Zomato delivery partner travelled 17lakh kilometers in the one hour. The numbers are crazy! We are just talking about Zomato here, count Swiggy, Blinkit and all other such services. OMG! The purpose of writing this article is to appreciate their efforts.

It’s not about laziness!

I used to hear that go and pick up your own food from nearby restaurant or cook your own food (undoubtedly, the best idea.), or go to local shop (kirana wala) to get groceries. If someone refuses to do such thing offline and instead use any of the online service to get shit done, it’s always called laziness. Let me tell you it’s not laziness.

See, to do our own work is always the best thing. But imagine, there are millions of students who should focus on their studies and projects, many artists are there who should just focus on creativity, entrepreneurship is not easy and hence entrepreneurs will be busy creating revolutionary things (a new service like Zomato, maybe!), there are cops, writers, and of course chefs, all of them are busy doing their things. They should invest their time on the things they love, the things they want to do. If a dancer spends his 15 minutes in going to a grocery shop and get 1.5kgs of Sugar then I will count it as the waste of the time. He can do that thing in 15sec and remaining time he can invest in practice.

On the other hand, delivery partners will also get their portion and that’s the best thing. They are working hardly, let’s appreciate their efforts buy giving them a tip.

Let’s appreciate services

All such services have made it possible for us to focus on our work. We can do literally everything online in seconds and spend our minutes on other things. Delivery partners work round the clock, in traffic, in any season, in cold or rain, carrying heavy baggages, delivering our stuff with a smile! and that’s beautiful!

We need more services like Zomato, so more artists can excel their art form, more entrepreneurs come up with something crazy, more students can fulfil their dreams and we can spread smile to more delivery partners.

Vedant Dave

Co-Founder at People News Chronicle

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