Why is Akhilesh committing suicide?

Samajwadi Party National President Akhilesh Yadav is lifting the ax of Lord Parshuram and Lord Shri Krishna is coming in his dream every day! Where will this Akhilesh’s politics of cultivating both Parashuram and Krishna take them?, Will they defeat the BJP in the politics of religion by this?, Do they feel that by lifting the ax of Lord Parashuram, they will get Brahmin or upper caste votes?, This kind of misunderstanding happens to every leader., Don’t know how it happens! But the Bharatiya Janata Party has no such misunderstanding. He knows that Muslims and Yadavs will not vote for him, so his leaders are openly saying that we do not want their votes. On the contrary, they are doing politics of provoking them and distancing themselves from them so that they can consolidate the votes of other caste groups. In a democracy, it cannot be called good politics, nor can it be justified by any logic, but this is the BJP’s formula to win elections. In response to this, if the leaders of the party challenging the BJP are talking about lifting the ax and coming in the dream of Lord Krishna, then God is the master! up assembly election 2022

It is important to understand the context of the politics of Parshuram and Krishna that Akhilesh Yadav has done in the first four days of the new year. There is a perception in Uttar Pradesh that the Brahmin community is angry with Yogi Adityanath because during his five years of rule, Brahmins have been oppressed. Hundreds of Brahmins have been killed and the importance of Brahmins has decreased in the administration. There is also a perception that the Chief Minister did politics of promoting Rajput caste instead of Hinduism. But will this belief cause the common Brahmin to move away from the BJP and go with the Samajwadi Party?, The BJP is aware of the perception that Brahmin voters are angry and hence is trying to persuade the Brahmins. This gave an opportunity to Akhilesh Yadav and his election strategists and they felt that they should try to bring Brahmins with them. s / o, He lifted the ax of Lord Parashurama.

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up assembly election 2022

Similarly, the way the BJP has focused on Mathura, Akhilesh has started worrying about his Yadav vote. They felt that somewhere the BJP built a temple of Lord Krishna in Mathura. ,Freedom, launched the campaign of and Ayodhya, After Kashi, the turn of Mathura has really come, then the descendants of Shri Krishna i.e. the voters of Yadav society can also move and a part may think of going with the BJP. Probably in this concern, Akhilesh said that Lord Shri Krishna comes in his dream every day and says that Samajwadi Party will form the government in Uttar Pradesh. By law, Akhilesh should not worry about Yadav votes. This vote is not going anywhere except them, but by worrying about it, they are expressing their weakness.

By doing this kind of politics, Samajwadi Party cannot defeat BJP at any cost because it is against the basic political strategy of SP and is compatible with the political strategy of BJP. BJP is a master player of this politics. He knows all the tricks and tricks of this politics. The kind of politics he has done from Ayodhya to Kashi is not under the control of SP. The kind of statements BJP leaders give to polarize Hindu votes and the kind of policy work being done at the government level., Even the SP does not have their answer. It can be said for debate that in West Bengal, Mamta Banerjee also did Chandipath. But that logic does not apply in Uttar Pradesh. The culture and public of Bengal includes Chandipath, so Mamta used it against the BJP raising slogans of Jai Shri Ram. Not so in Uttar Pradesh. There Akhilesh is not creating any contrast by talking about Parshuram or Shri Krishna., Rather, they are furthering the politics of the BJP and presenting themselves as a fake product of the BJP.

Now the question is what is the strong side of Akhilesh or his party., Whose politics they can challenge the BJP, That strong point is the social equation and the failure of the government. Take care Mulayam Singh ,back foot sixty, He has moved on from politics. In that politics, caste has always been given prominence rather than religion. When Mandal’s politics started uniting the backward castes, the BJP started the temple movement. Even today BJP is on the back foot regarding caste politics. Akhilesh has an unmistakable stake in the caste census. Instead of waving a farsa and remembering Shri Krishna, if he sticks to the point that if his government is formed, he will conduct a caste-based census and give reservation to the backwards in proportion to their numbers, then this bet can prove to be very effective for them. Talk of increasing the reservation in proportion to the population, Will hurt the BJP’s strategy of taking the votes of non-Yadav backward castes with them. This may unite the upper caste voters in favor of the BJP, but anyway a large part of it traditionally stays with the BJP.

Akhilesh’s second strong bet could be the failure of the double engine government. Tejashwi Yadav, who contested in Bihar in the absence of Lalu Prasad, made this an issue. They were adamant on the issue of employment. He did not go to the temples to ring the bell and did not lift the ax of Parashurama. He kept talking about employment in every meeting. He raised the issue of economic plight and assured the youth that if his government comes, he will give employment to all. The way Akhilesh has coordinated with small parties, in the same way Tejashwi did in Bihar and keeping the caste equation right, he stood firm on the issue of employment. Because of this, he successfully fought with the big power of the center and the state and the entire system and was able to keep the RJD as the single largest party. Akhilesh should do the same kind of politics. Even today employment and economic condition is the biggest concern of the common man. That is why instead of going to BJP’s side and fighting with its own tricks, they should try to bring BJP to your side by dragging them. Only then will they be able to fight him and keep his chances of winning. up assembly election 2022

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