Why is there a shortage of truck drivers in the US?

Why is the shortage of truck drivers so much attention now? One reason is an increase in the need to move goods.

In 2019, truck drivers in the US transported nearly 12 billion tons of cargo across the country, a number that has steadily increased each year for the past five years.

The number of goods moving on the highways highlights the need to recruit truck drivers.

As the demand for capable drivers increased, a shortage of truck drivers emerged.

Another reason for driver shortage is a lifestyle.

Long-haul drivers are expected to spend many nights away from home as important deliveries take place across the country.

When driving on the road for long periods of time, can affect family life, sleeping habits, proper nutrition and personal finances.

There is also a large gender gap in the trucking industry.

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates 90% of trucking positions are filled by male drivers, although the number of female drivers is starting to increase.

The age gap is also particularly wide, with the majority of drivers between the ages of 45 and 64.

As older drivers near retirement, the demand for experienced drivers will increase.

America relies heavily on truck drivers.

Without them, items that are essential to everyday necessities would not be available in stores, hospitals or doctors’ offices.

However, just as important as the drivers for the flow of goods and supply chains, the trucking industry is currently facing challenges with a severe driver shortage.

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This has resulted in increased stress on supply chains already stretched thin by disruptions caused by COVID-19.

While the shortage of truck drivers creates obstacles for businesses that depend on drivers for deliveries, it opens the door for others.

Due to this shortfall, new job opportunities are available that previously may not have been easy to secure.

As unemployment benefits have ended or are nearing their end for millions of Americans, or many contemplating major career changes, now is the prime opportunity to consider a new career, finance or finance, truck driver.

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