Physical education (PE) should be the main subject in schools because it allows the students to develop confidence and competence to take part in various kinds of physical activities. It helps all students to enjoy and succeed in many kinds of physical activity.

The physical education curriculum is important for the following reasons

1. It helps the student to concentrate and maintain focus –students in this era are affected and addicted to technology. Physical education has a positive impact on their academic life, it can lead to improvement and concentration in all other academic subjects.

2. It helps to fight child obesity – it is important to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, regular exercise helps to burn extra calories that if not burned can be stored as fats in the body.

3. Relieve stress and anxiety – physical exercise helps the students to relieve stress and anxiety as students are under more pressure. Stressed students have a hard time concentrating in school and while studying. Therefore, it is vital for them to have a break from all the stress and pressure they are going through.

4. Develops their confidence – physical education helps students to build their confidence to socialize with others and ability to integrate quickly. It helps students to deal with failures with ease without losing hope, they accept their failure and take more chances as a result.

5. Improve teamwork – physical education helps  students to know how to work in teams and cooperate with other members. It also helps to form stronger bonds between peers and also creates a friendly environment and help them to acquire more wins.

6. Leading skills – Physical education helps the students to communicate, tolerate mistakes, be decisive, creative, determined, and dedicated.

7. Self-esteem and character development – physical education encourages and teaches students to respect themselves and their peers and understand others, as well to support them through difficulties.

8. Makes them disciplined – sports are played by some rules, so, students have to obey these rules and this helps them to agree with decisions they don’t agree to.

9. Improves motor skills – good body movements, as well as hand-eye movements, are improved, which helps in the development of healthy body posture. This also helps in the enhancement of reflexes.

10. Makes the individual happy and flexible – students who take part in the physical education curriculum are proved to be more happy and flexible than those students who are under the stress of school work. Exercising can help to improve flexibility and balance which decreases the chances of injuries.

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In conclusion, all schools should make physical education a mandatory subject in schools because our society is becoming more unhealthy due to the lack of exercise of students.

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