Why should saints defame Hinduism?

Today, seeing the news of such statements and incidents from some cities of the country, there was concern that if they are not strictly stopped then there may be social uproar in India. Truth be told, they are India and Hindutva, Both will be the cause of defamation. Let us first see what they are, Mahamandaleshwar Annapurna of Niranjani Akhara in Haridwar and Hindu Mahasabha leader Dharamdas have given so many objectionable statements that now the police is investigating them properly.

One of them has said that Hindus should keep books in the corner and take up arms against Muslims. Another said that due to Pakistanis settled in India, Hindu worship is obstructed and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Like people should be killed. What a shame this is. one more ,Hindu saint, Said that India needs people like Sri Lankan Tamil terrorists Prabhakaran and Bhindranwale at this time. Similar people broke into a famous and old cathedral in Ambala and vandalized the statue of Jesus Christ.

Even in Gurgaon, the so-called Hinduists broke the Christmas celebrations by entering the church. The same was done by some people in Assam last year. What a disgusting talk of unrighteousness has happened in the Parliament of Religions held in Raipur. in this parliament 20 Heads of sects and Congress and BJP leaders also participated. speech of most of them so balanced, Were dignified and religious, but two speakers who called themselves Hindu saints gave such speeches, Hearing this, the whole Santai gets shattered.

One ,Saint, Justified the assassination of Gandhiji and praised Nathuram Godse. He accused the Muslims of controlling the politics of India. any other ,Saint, He also advocated the armament of Hindus. He called all secular people ,anti hindu, Told. Do not know, How educated are these saints, don’t they know that our president, Prime minister, Ministers and all MPs take oath to protect that Constitution, one who is secular, These people call themselves saints, so do they behave like saints?, They are lowering themselves even more than the extremist leaders.

They understand that by saying such extremist and violent things they are serving Hindutva but even a handful of Hindus in India do not agree with them. His autocratic statements create fear and bigotry among the Muslims and Christians of our country. There is nothing wrong in criticizing any religion or sect on the basis of its facts and arguments., As Mahapandit Maharishi Dayanand used to do, but what is greater wrongdoing than spreading hatred and violence.,

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