WI Vs SI Test: The player who is fielding in the shortleg hit the ball, called the stretcher and called the ambulance

New Delhi | Cricket ball player Hospital : The chances of getting injured in cricket are high. Therefore, batsmen have to bat only after making adequate security arrangements. Even after this, it is written many times that the batsmen get serious injury due to the ball. In some cases, even death-like situation has arisen. One such case happened with the West Indies team when they went to Sri Lanka for a two-Test series. Jeremy, who was making his debut on the very first day of the first Test, was hit by the ball while fielding at short leg. The injury was so severe that he was taken out of the playground on a stretcher. After this the physio immediately asked him to be admitted to the hospital.

hospital by ambulance

Cricket ball player Hospital : After the injury, Jeremy was taken to the pavilion on the first stretcher. After first aid here, he was immediately called an ambulance and admitted to the hospital. This whole matter happened in the 24th over of the match. Sri Lankan captain Dimuth made a tremendous pull on the short ball. The ball went straight to Solozano, who was fielding at short leg and he started moaning in pain.

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the players surrounded

Cricket ball player Hospital : For a long time after the ball hit, Solozano took off his helmet and lay on the ground. During this, the players of both the teams surrounded him. After the arrival of the physio, he immediately took it seriously and gestured to bring the stretcher, after which he was taken out on the stretcher.

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