Will Akhilesh, Mamta just surround Rahul or will this play big?

Can Prime Minister Narendra Modi give UP to Akhilesh on the condition of weakening Rahul Gandhi? This new question is emerging because the national mission that Mamata Banerjee is engaged in after winning Bengal has only one objective, how to weaken Rahul and the Congress. She has just come to Delhi. Met many leaders from Prime Minister Modi, included some in his party but did not meet Congress President Sonia Gandhi. She also forgot that Sonia Gandhi supported her in the by-election she had just won. Akhilesh Yadav Mamata Banerjee

Mamta’s party TMC also did not attend the meeting of opposition parties held before the start of the winter session of Parliament on Monday. This is where the question started. Because even the SP did not participate in this meeting. The first day of Parliament on Monday was the day of the opposition’s victory. To withdraw the farmer’s bill. For the first time in seven years, the Modi government has backtracked. This is a big event according to Modi’s politics. They have created such an image of themselves that they look unbending. But the farmers apologized to him. Obviously, after the farmers, Rahul Gandhi was the happiest person on this occasion. He called Monday the new sun rising. But in that sun Mamta and Akhilesh eclipsed

Wanted to put Where a dozen parties met together on this happy occasion. Considered the strategy to surround Modi in Parliament. At the same time, Akhilesh’s parties along with Mamta, remained absent on this occasion and gave a clear message that they are not going to strengthen the opposition unity against Modi. Will stay away from a dozen opposition parties and act like a third front which is always meant to harm the Congress.

This is a big success of Prime Minister Modi. They want a scattered opposition in the 2024 elections. Sonia Gandhi understood this and just in August held a meeting with the opposition parties for the 2024 elections. Leaders of 19 parties had participated in this, including Mamta. SP was not there either. What are these signs? Will Akhilesh, like Mayawati, see as much opposition as Modi ji would like? Mulayam Singh Yadav has praised the Prime Minister in the Lok Sabha. He has also said that he escaped from going to jail. There is a message in politics since Lalu Prasad Yadav went to jail that no one is safe. At the same time, there is also a message that if Lalu had not protested at that level, Bihar would have been given to the Tejashwi who had won. Bihar elections had a very clear message that no matter how much support is there, it will not be allowed to win and form the government.

This fear has affected everyone. Except Rahul Gandhi. Only one Rahul seems to be made of different clay. who is not afraid of anyone. Bold. Prime Minister Modi is only afraid that in 2024, this image of Rahul may not click in the public. The quality we like the most here is that of fearlessness. The leader who is seen fighting with big forces, the public considers him as their hero. Indira Gandhi is a great example. His courage is considered to be his greatest quality. Fighting from America to Pakistan, Seth moneylenders, kings and queens, the public always kept her head on her eyes. Similarly, Lalu and Mayawati also got approval only when their image of not fearing anyone came to the fore.

The most important in the politics of Prime Minister Modi is the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. By then it would be ten years since he became the Prime Minister. They want a third term. This is the essence of his politics. Now they have no problem with Mamata in Bengal. Mamta does not have them. Both have problems with Rahul. Both know that whenever anyone will stand firmly in front of their politics, it is Rahul. Therefore, it is no wonder that Akhilesh should also be included in this unopposed alliance. Akhilesh will prove to be very helpful in weakening Rahul in his home state UP. Just now in Bihar everyone has seen how RJD broke the agreement with Congress. Lalu is currently out of jail. On bail. And like Mayawati and Mulayam, he would now like to live the rest of his life in peace. Nitish has gone out in Bihar. In the caste structure there, BJP alone cannot form a government like in UP. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see how Lalu and Modi’s relations develop further.

Indian politics is also now coming to a new point. Where two poles are forming in the centre. One is Modi and the other Rahul is constantly challenging him. Rahul is no longer playing half-heartedly like in 2014 and 19. Especially in the last two years, he has been batting with full concentration. As they say, the eyes of the batsman are fixed on the hair. He started seeing football. Modi is a grassroots player of politics. They understand each and every development properly. He is not going to commit the mistake of Sonia like he did after 2011 or like Vajpayee ji who he did in 2004 by accepting Shining India as the truth. Won’t play in the air. Even if Rahul misses out on this vicious game, the chances of Modi making a wrong move are slim. They can get the wazir killed to save their king. This is not considered bad in chess and politics.

The fight is very interesting. Modi is a player with brains, with endurance, with a hooves of a horse but a checkmate with a camel that follows. Those who do not understand his politics in BJP as well as outside BJP should understand his period in Gujarat. From Sanjay Joshi to Togadia, Haren Pandya all got settled. Similarly, Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj were no more in Delhi. Rajnath Singh has dedicated himself completely. One is Gadkari. But his strength is also in the same Nagpur from where Modi has got complete freedom. So Gadkari is not a special challenger. If the Sangh wants, will Gadkari bring anyone forward? That’s why Gadkari has no importance. What is important is how long the Sangh finds Modi useful. His power to draw votes and not hesitate to complete the given task. By making his own image, Modi is fulfilling the agenda of the whole Sangh. Despite going abroad, building friendship and bad image there, Modi did not shy away from doing Hindu-Muslim somewhere in the country. They know that this is the basic politics of the Sangh. In doing this, because of his international image, Vajpayee was a little lax, then the Sangh had raised slogans against him.

Modi will not make any such mistake. Actually, he is in danger of getting the toughest challenge from inside the party at this time in this game. Till a few days ago, along with the Sangh, the graph of Yogi among the devotees had increased a lot. But by first showing him walking behind his car and then placing his hand on his shoulder like a blessing, Modi has tried to cut Yogi back to size. In such a situation, the utility of Akhilesh has also increased. He can be used as a trumpet to corner Rahul on the one hand and to weaken Yogi in UP on the other.

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